Sign Up for Truck Night in America Season 2

We continue to get blog messages and email about Truck Night in America season 2, so here’s a little update on the show. Yes, Truck Night in America has been renewed for a second season, and that’s great because truck lovers just can’t seem to get enough of it! This article explains how you can […]

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4 Bold Predictions for the Auto Industry

Auto lift technology has advanced well beyond what it used to be. In the 1970’s, above-ground lifts were rarely used, and leaky in-ground car lifts were all the rage. Today, in-ground lifts are being phased out in favor of less expensive, more reliable options. WeHopefully, the predictions in this article won’t be laughed at by […]

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5 Questions to Ask When Buying an Auto Lift

Before you decide which auto lift is right for you, go online and read all the car lift reviews you can find. Do a bit of research and settle on a brand. Once you’ve done that, congratulations, you’re halfway there! Now comes the harder part: finding the right model for your needs and space. This […]

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Drifter Taylor Ray’s GrandPrix Two-Post Home Lift

Taylor Ray is an experienced drifter and mechanic who does some serious projects in his small shop. We were fortunate to chat with him and see how things have been going. He recently picked up a low-ceiling two-post lift: our very own GrandPrix. This lift comes in three models and was made for tight spaces. […]

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Best Responses to the Car Lift Owner’s Survey

We recently released a survey to several thousand car lift owners in order to get a better understanding of what matters to them when they purchase a lift. Some of the results were predicable, while others made us realize there’s still some work to do when it comes to ensuring folks understand the relationship between […]

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Find the Best Sale or Holiday Deal on a Car Lift?

Whether you’re reading this article at the time of publication or months or years down the line, you’ll notice that it came just in time for the 4th of July 4th. This is the time of year when the auto industry goes bonkers over clearance sales and special financing opportunities. Likewise, we start to get […]

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What is Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Communication and Does it Work?

Let’s begin with the classic technique of throwing out a bunch of scary statistics to build importance and establish credibility. (Just to get it out of the way before getting into V2V communication and why it matters.) There are… 1.3 million worldwide deaths, per year, from police-reported car crashes (3,287 per day). 37,000 – 40,000+ […]

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BendPak Launches New Website

BendPak is jumping head-first into the future with a gorgeous new website design. The BendPak Marketing team has been hard at work on one of the company’s most important updates in its long and storied history: launching a new, modern-looking website that will better serve customers for many years to come. Literally thousands of hours have […]

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BendPak Expands Customer Service 2018

We’re excited to announce big news coming from BendPak! Within the next few months, BendPak expects to complete one of its most important projects in recent memory. And that’s a big deal considering the past couple of years have marked a time of exponential growth in terms of sales, new employment and the construction of […]

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Two-Post Safety: Lift Carriages and Arm Restraints

A reoccurring theme for many two-post accidents typically involves user error in one way or another. We see it over and over again, unfortunately, even from trained and experienced mechanics. Now, we know most people do things the right way, but one seemingly small mistake can lead to a lot of trouble. With everyone’s safety […]

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