Inside AAPEX ’09, Day 2

The sun’s up in Las Vegas and so are we. This is day 2 of the AAPEX show and we’re bringing you more tweets and pics all day from booth #4666 and beyond.

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Reports From AAPEX ’09

Today’s the very first day of AAPEX ’09 in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! And BendPak is bringing you updates all day long from booth #4666. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and check out our Flickr page for on-site cell phone pics of questionable quality! 😉

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Behind the Scenes of the Ranger RP-20FC Demo

As we wrap up post-production on our newest demo video for the Ranger RP-20FC, we thought you guys might be interested in seeing a little bit of what goes into making it. So, for your viewing pleasure, we took a handful of pics to document the process and posted them on the official BendPak Flickr page.

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Because Everyone Could Use More Car Shows

If you’re anything like us at BendPak / Ranger, you understand that the real reason to own a two post auto lift, four post auto lift, air compressor, tubing bender and wheel service equipment is to take care of the true loves in our lives: the cars! And we know that there are few better ways for fans of both old and new automobiles to spend a day than walking up and down the aisles of a car show, admiring the time and care it takes to make an automobile shine better than new.

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New PL-7000X Parking Lift Demo Video Released!

A little while ago, we let you know about big changes coming to BendPak parking lifts. Now we’re pleased to announce that you get to see one in action with an all-new demo that will knock your socks off!

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1 Great Crusher, 2 Ways to Save

Think about how much the typical commercial garage spends on EPA-approved oil filter disposal. It probably lands someplace between $50 and $100 per 450-lb. barrel, which comes to about 40 cents per filter. Even if you only end up with one full barrel a month, that’s as much as $1,200 out of your pocket for each year of operation.

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