Ranger Wheel Service Equipment Spotted on Adam Carolla CarCast

This week on Adam Carolla’s CarCast, Adam and Sandy take you on a tour of the garage where they hone their beloved craft. And what is revealed once the curtain is pulled back? A Ranger DST Series Wheel Balancer and a Ranger R26EX Tire Machine!

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The Top 10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Lift

It’s no fun spending a small bundle of moolah on what should be one of the best purchases of your life, only to be let down by the reality of an underpowered auto lift or a disreputable automotive equipment company. Here at BendPak, we hate it when we hear about fellow auto-enthusiasts getting burned by a bad deal. That’s why we devised the following checklist to help you avoid an unfavorable fate and get the car lift of your dreams.

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Detroit Bros. Featured in New Discovery Channel Series

Prepare to have something BIG to look forward to later this month. Dave and James Kaye of Detroit Bros. Custom Cycles are being featured in a new Discovery Channel series called Motor City Motors, to premiere December 28th. The original series focuses on some of the most memorable, challenging and innovative builds ever witnessed on the small screen.

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Jay Leno’s Garage Opens Doors, Jalopnik Gets Tour

When we saw that auto-blog Jalopnik got to take the grand tour inside of Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage, we were pretty jealous. But since they were kind enough to make their treasure trove of pictures from within those hallowed halls available to everyone via the internet, we chose to forgive them.

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Auto Lift Inspection and Protection from BendPak

Even though BendPak auto lifts are some of the most maintenance-free pieces of heavy-duty garage equipment ever devised by human minds, you’re still going to want to take care of it. Naturally, your BendPak lift is in the best hands when it’s in the same hands that made it–ours! Introducing the new BendPak Lift Inspection Program for all BendPak car lift customers.

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New Ranger RP-20FC Oil Filter / Can Crusher Demo Video Released!

Last week, we brought you a behind-the-scenes taste of our RP-20FC Filter Crusher demo. Now, for your viewing pleasure, we’re happy to present you with the real thing in action! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the pneumatic crushing powerhouse known as the RP-20FC.

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AAPEX ’09 Notes, Day 3!

This is it–the final hours of AAPEX ’09. Now’s your last chance to take in all the strange and wonderful automotive sights you may have missed, or follow-up on what intrigued you the most. Until next year, that is.

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Inside AAPEX ’09, Day 2

The sun’s up in Las Vegas and so are we. This is day 2 of the AAPEX show and we’re bringing you more tweets and pics all day from booth #4666 and beyond.

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Reports From AAPEX ’09

Today’s the very first day of AAPEX ’09 in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! And BendPak is bringing you updates all day long from booth #4666. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and check out our Flickr page for on-site cell phone pics of questionable quality! 😉

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