Garage Mahal Motorcycle Garage Behind The Scenes

Last week we were invited out to take some pictures of an upcoming Garage Mahal episode that featured some great Ranger garage equipment. The last time we had a chance to do something with Garage Mahal, we had to travel all the way to Detroit. So when we heard that the DIY Network show was going to be filming in Moorpark, CA (practically our backyard compared to Michigan), we grabbed a camera and husseled over.

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The Best Car Lift Buyer’s Guide: Final Tips

Another Thursday. Another new chapter in the BendPak Best Car Lift Guide! We’re getting down to the wire here with this week’s chapter, entitled Final Car Lift Tips. Not every gem of advice fit into one of the previous chapters, so consider this your miscellaneous list of useful insider info. Don’t worry, it’s a pretty […]

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The Best Car Lift Buyer’s Guide: The Right Price

This week’s new chapter in our ongoing Car Lift Buyer’s Guide is all about a topic near and dear to our wallets: car lift pricing.

Car lift prices can really run the gamut depending on what capacity and style you’re after, so it’s important to know the lay of the land before venturing out.

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The Best Car Lift Buyer’s Guide: Finding The Right Car Lift Dealer And Manufacturer

Want to know how to easily tell the difference between a car lift dealer who will treat you right and one who will leave you in the lurch? How about a car lift manufacturer who will provide you with valuable customer support instead of making you fend for yourself? Read the Dealers and Manufacturers chapter in BendPak’s Best Car Lift Buyer’s Guide.

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The Best Car Lift Buyer’s Guide: Safe is ALI Certified

Today’s chapter fills you in on the importance of ALI certification and the role that the Automotive Lift Institute plays in making car lifts safer for everyone. As we discussed last week, there’s no single safety feature that will work for all car lifts. The Automotive Lift Institute ensures that not only are the safety features sound, but also that the car lift itself works exactly as advertised. In fact, many of the car lift safety features that we went over last week were pioneered by ALI members.

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The Best Car Lift Buyer’s Guide: Essential Safety Features

Today’s chapter focuses on something that’s very important to car lift operators–safety features. There’s a lot of different methods that reputable car lift manufacturers use to make their lifts safer. Now’s your opportunity to learn all about them. It’s no secret that a car lift has to hold thousands of pounds of automotive metal every day. Whether you’re a hobbyist wrenching in your garage or a seasoned automotive service technician, these essential safety devices keep you protected every time a car or truck goes up on the lift.

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Drop Top Customs Converts Hardtop Camaros into T-Tops

Jalopnik featured our good friends at Drop Top Customs today in an article about the new Chevrolet Camaro’s conspicuous lack of a T-Top option. As the article states, “They’re ridiculous and sorta vulgar and they leak and rattle, but they’re so damn cool.” We couldn’t agree more.

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The Best Car Lift: A Buyer’s Guide

Last year, we brought you The Top 10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Lift, which we’ve heard has helped a lot of people. Now we’re picking up where that guide left off and taking a hard look at your different options when buying a new car lift. This new guide will help you get the best lift for you–even if that means not going with BendPak. That’s why we call it, The Best Car Lift: A Guide.

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Car and Driver’s Garage Mahal Makeover Featuring BendPak Garage Equipment

If you’ve been following along on Twitter, Facebook and of course the blog, then you’re already eagerly anticipating this Friday’s episode of Garage Mahal with Car and Driver Magazine. Their garage was in serious need of renovation, so DIY Network called in only the best equipment from BendPak / Ranger to help turn it into a bona fide testing facility with all the works. At the heart of this newly anointed workshop is none other than a BendPak XPR-9FX Two-Post Car Lift.

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