Emmy Nomination for BendPak Partner “Chop Cut Rebuild”

Chop Cut Rebuild premiered on SPEED in 2004. The series creator, host, and Executive Producer is Dan Woods, who is also known for his long standing acting role in the successful Degrassi franchises as teacher/principal Raditch. Woods believes the series has enjoyed its longevity due to its focus on process – rather than personality. “Chop Cut Rebuild is about the real effort needed to restore iconic symbols of American engineering. It isn’t about throwing wrenches, or dysfunctional people”, says Woods.

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PLT-6S Installation Photos and Operation Videos

Thinking about ordering a PLT-6S Parking Lift from BendPak, but wondering exactly what goes into the installation? We took a ride out with our installation crew down the 101 Freeway a few miles to capture exactly what to expect from a home garage PLT-6S Installation. Check out the official BendPak Flickr page to see for […]

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Car Warriors Returns on SpeedTV

You can stop holding your breath. Car Warriors is returning for Season 2 on SpeedTV. The best part? Not only do the lucky contestants get compete on insane dream automotive projects, they also get to work on BendPak / Ranger equipment. That’s right: when you tune in this coming February you’ll see the garage set decked […]

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BendPak Car Lifts and Automotive Equipment at AAPEX ’11

  We’re back at AAPEX / SEMA with a huge selection of brand new automotive innovations and long-standing brand favorites. We’d love for you to come by and take a peek, but if you aren’t in Las Vegas this week, you can check out all the goodies right here. New pictures will be posted over […]

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BendPak Will Hold Prices Steady Until 2012

At a time when industry wide inflation is hovering around 10%, popular car lift and garage equipment manufacturer BendPak / Ranger announced today to its global dealers and consumers that they will not raise their prices through mid-2012. The company credits manufacturing efficiencies with easing the rise in raw materials and manufacturing costs. The company’s […]

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One Truly Awesome Garage Made Better With a BendPak Car Lift

With the SP-7X, this garage is truly one of the best thought-out man caves we’ve ever had the honor to witness. We couldn’t resist taking a quick video and putting it together for all to see. We think you’ll agree it’s a plain fantastic garage design.

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, We Give You Exhibit A

Even after all these years, it’s still exciting to see BendPak equipment in print. In this case however, we were mostly confused. If you compare the three lifts, you can see that they all are in the same weight capacity category and they all do essentially the same thing. But somehow the BendPak car lift got placed merely in the “Good” category.

What. The. Heck.

So this is where we’re supposed to say, “We’re just as good as the other guys,” right? NO WAY. We’re better than just good and we can prove it. See, we like to actually back up our claims of good / better / best. You know, instead of relying on some marketing hack (who knows more about fonts than say…engineering) to make assumptions based solely on price. It’s a little thing we like to call truth in advertising.

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Fighting Inflation and Keeping Costs Low

Automotive equipment manufacturer BendPak resists raising prices in the face of inflation. Wednesday, the head of mega retailer Wal-Mart’s U.S. operations warned USA TODAY’S editorial board that the coming inflation is “going to be serious” and that he is seeing “cost increases starting to come through at a pretty rapid rate.”
On the manufacturing side, automotive equipment companies like BendPak Inc. have already been hit hard with a 20% spike in raw steel costs beginning in July, 2010. Despite this, BendPak Inc. was able to keep prices stable below the industry average with most products only seeing a price increase between 3% and 14%.

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