Garage Mahal Motorcycle Garage Behind The Scenes

Last week we were invited out to take some pictures of an upcoming Garage Mahal episode that featured some great Ranger garage equipment. The last time we had a chance to do something with Garage Mahal, we had to travel all the way to Detroit. So when we heard that the DIY Network show was going to be filming in Moorpark, CA (practically our backyard compared to Michigan), we grabbed a camera and husseled over.

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Drop Top Customs Converts Hardtop Camaros into T-Tops

Jalopnik featured our good friends at Drop Top Customs today in an article about the new Chevrolet Camaro’s conspicuous lack of a T-Top option. As the article states, “They’re ridiculous and sorta vulgar and they leak and rattle, but they’re so damn cool.” We couldn’t agree more.

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Car and Driver’s Garage Mahal Makeover Featuring BendPak Garage Equipment

If you’ve been following along on Twitter, Facebook and of course the blog, then you’re already eagerly anticipating this Friday’s episode of Garage Mahal with Car and Driver Magazine. Their garage was in serious need of renovation, so DIY Network called in only the best equipment from BendPak / Ranger to help turn it into a bona fide testing facility with all the works. At the heart of this newly anointed workshop is none other than a BendPak XPR-9FX Two-Post Car Lift.

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Old BendPak Car Lifts Spotted at Willow Springs Raceway

Here at BendPak, a lot of us put as much love into our own vehicles as we do into the BendPak car lifts we make. And there’s nothing like seeing all that love and tender care pay off during a hard day at the track. One of our own intrepid BendPak team went down to Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond this past weekend for a particularly pulse-pounding Memorial Day.

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Garage Mahal Episodes Featuring BendPak Equipment Air Dates

As you might recall, we reported a couple months ago that BendPak / Ranger equipment was going to be featured on an upcoming episode of DIY’s garage makeover show, Garage Mahal. You may also recall that we promised to let you know when they were going air. Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re here to fill that promise.

Mark your calendar! Set your DVR! The Car & Driver Magazine garage renovation episode featuring a BendPak XPR-9FX Two-Post Car Lift, Ranger RS-500 Spray Wash Cabinet, TriMax Air Compressor and a number of Ranger Hose Reels airs June 18th on DIY Network at 6:30 PM PST / 9:30 EST.

But we’ve got more great news. The fine folks at DIY / Garage Mahal loved our equipment so much, they decided to use it in another episode with WIRED Magazine. You can see a RML-600 Motorcycle Lift from Ranger on June 11th, same time and channel.

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Review: BendPak Car Lift & Direct Lift Head-To-Head Comparison Test

As we reported a couple months ago, we’re not afraid of a little friendly competition. So from time to time we pit our most popular car lifts against the other guys for a battle royale of automotive lifting metal. This one’s been in the works for a while and we’re very pleased to bring you a new, comprehensive chapter on the Study in Lift Design website. In this head-to-head challenge, we take a closer look at a lift we’ve heard quite a bit about, the Direct-Lift Pro-Park 8 Plus.

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Eddie Paul on Cut It In Half

Many consider Eddie Paul to be Hollywood’s best kept secret. A unique combination of mechanical genius, wild imagination and unbelievable skill, Eddie Paul has been constructing some of the world’s most exciting set pieces for four decades. And as you can see from the header picture, Eddie also happens to be the proud owner of BendPak car lifts.

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Next Time, Just Use A Ranger Floor Jack

While we can’t help but admire the sheer ingenuity displayed by this European motorist, we also regard the above photo with a high degree of angst. Life could be so much easier, if only they had a Ranger Floor Jack. Avoid this poor person’s fate. If you need a new floor jack, become a BendPak […]

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Street Chopper Magazine Editor Loves His BendPak

Over the weekend, Street Chopper Magazine editor Jeff G. Holt sent us over a couple of pictures featuring his BendPak HD-9 Four-Post Car Lift and BendPak LS580V Air Compressor, along with a few kind words to let us know how much he loves them. Or, more specifically, how much he loves the “luxury of having a full-service poolside shop located right in the backyard.”

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