New Series: Sticker Shock on Discovery Channel

04/25/18 Update: New air date is Monday, April 30, 10 PM EST. Variety just got the scoop on a brand new series. It’s a car show, so naturally, we have to tell you about it. Sticker Shock will be premiering on Discovery Channel, Monday, April 30 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. We’re already excited that the […]

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How to Get on Truck Night in America

5/1/18 Update: APPLY TO BE ON SEASON TWO NOW!!! (Sorry for shouting.) Last month we announced that a new History Channel production, Truck Night in America, would be airing on prime-time television. We were excited about the idea of big ol’ trucks being built to spec, getting ruined by mud and abuse, and then brought back […]

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