RP50FJC Fruit Juice and Oil Filter Crusher by Ranger

Click here to view the product page. You’ve seen oil filter crushers before. Ranger Products makes several, such as our renowned 25-ton monster crusher, the RP50FC. What you haven’t seen is an oil filter crusher that doubles as a fruit juice maker. Finally, no more switching from kitchen appliance to garage tool, and back to kitchen […]

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These Parking Lifts Will Make You Go Bananas

Funny phrase, “Go Bananas.” Not sure what it takes to make people reach an excitement level equal to or greater than bananas, but we should add it to our BendPak mission statement. “If you don’t go bananas when you buy a car lift from us…” On second thought, maybe not. But we are excited about […]

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Designer Car Lifts: Why Should Auto Shops and DIY’ers Care?

The next time you pass by an auto shop, whether it’s a competitor of yours or a shop far away and out-of-state, hang back a minute and check out what kind of equipment they use. Consider: What brand(s) do they use? If their equipment is better than yours, how does that make you feel about […]

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