BendPak Car Lift Install On “Garage Mahal”

A little over a week ago, we reported on BendPak’s upcoming part in Garage Mahal’s total makeover of one of Car and Driver Magazine’s test garages. So last week one of our intrepid team headed to the frosty northern city of Ann Arbor to oversee the installation of our automotive equipment for the show. (And to take pictures for the blog, of course.) During the visit, he met up with host Bill Goldberg, who turns out to not only be a huge car buff, but also a really personable guy who isn’t afraid at all to get his hands dirty.

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BendPak Automotive Equipment Featured On Upcoming Episode Of “Garage Mahal”

DIY Network’s hit show Garage Mahal is entering into its second season with new host WWE superstar Goldberg, even more insane garage makeovers and…BendPak equipment! That’s right, next week the Garage Mahal crew is heading over to Detroit to remodel the tech garage at the corporate offices of none other than Car and Driver Magazine.

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