Tire Repair
TS-150 Height Adjustable Tire Spreader
Ranger TS-150 adjustable tire spreader
The Ranger TS-150 is an excellent air-powered tire spreader designed to service automobile tires and commercial truck tires. Perfect for tire inspection, buffing, cutting, dust suction, inserting tubes and patching.
    The TS-150 Height Adjustable Tire Spreader quickly lifts tires to a convenient work height to make tire repairs infinitely more comfortable for the technician. The heavy-duty rollers permit tires to rotate freely, while the adjustable spreader forks accommodate both narrow- or wide-tread widths. Control operations, including tire lift and spread, are air-powered and use simple ergonomic air valves for operation. This convenient tire spreader is the perfect accessory for any well-functioning garage or shop.
    • Heavy steel construction
    • Wide-base design for stability

    • Power supply: full pneumatic
    • Max working pressure range: 125 psi – 175 psi
    Ranger TS-150 adjustable tire spreader
    Ranger TS-150 adjustable tire spreader
    Air-powered tire spreader for tire inspection
    Adjustable tire spreader for inserting tubes and patching

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