Here at BendPak, we’re big fans of the hit Discovery Channel show, Vegas Rat Rods. Maybe it’s Steve Darnell and the crew at Welder Up. Maybe it’s the beautiful Vegas location. Or maybe it’s the insane post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-inspired rusted hulks of pure horsepower.

Okay, it’s definitely that last one.

So when the guys got in touch with us about putting together a special-edition BendPak four-post car lift for Welder Up, we were only too happy to help. Even if that meant completely stripping down our handsome powder-coat finish to make way for a healthy dose of rust. But no matter how it looks on the outside, deep down its true BendPak blue.

And when all is said in done, we got to admit: for how ugly it looks, it sure is beautiful.

How'd we do it? First we sprayed all of the raw steel down with a Copper Rust solution from Metal Finishes Plus that instantly yielded a golden copper finish. We then let the parts sit outside for a week letting Mother Nature do her thing. We were not too concerned about abnormalities or inconsistencies in the finish. The uglier, the better. Next we applied Rust Arrest, a neutralizing agent designed to stop the chemical reactions that take place when applying rusting solutions onto metal. We finally rinsed everything down with water, let it dry, then sprayed it with an acrylic matte sealer.

Check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes pics of Welder Up’s very own BendPak "RUSToration" Lift. And next time you’re watching Vegas Rat Rods, keep an eye out!


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