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We get it. Some of you want your tools and equipment “Made in USA.” Heck, so do we—and because of the growing interest to “bring BendPak back,” we will soon be introducing a new Patriot Class of car lifts. These lifts will be the same great quality as our globally manufactured lifts but made right here in the good ole’ USA. The limited model offering consists of our 10,000-lb. capacity two-post lifts and 9,000-lb. capacity four-post lifts.

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It would be silly to offer a “Made in the USA” car lift with offshore components. So, the power unit, hydraulic cylinders, bolts, fasteners, cables, etc. will be home-grown as well. We expect the selling costs for these to be slightly higher, as illustrated below. There will also be a 30 – 90 day lead time, as we have to process small-batch orders.

2018 Patriot Class Pricing

​2-Post Lifts ​Description ​Normal MRP ​Patriot Class
XPR-10AS-LP  10K Cap. / Asymmetric Clearfloor / Adjustable Width / Screw Pads / LOW-PRO ARMS $3,080 $4,312
XPR-10AS  10K Cap. / Asymmetric Clearfloor / Adjustable Width / Screw Pads  $3,045 $4,263
XPR-10S-LP  10K Cap. / Clearfloor / Adjustable Width / Screw Pads / LOW-PRO ARMS $3,045 $4,263
XPR-10S  10K Cap. / Clearfloor / Adjustable Width / Screw Pads  $3,010 $4,214
4-Post Lifts Description Normal MRP Patriot Class
HD-9XL  9,000 Lb. Capacity / Standard Width / Extended Length $3,020 $4,228
HD-9XW  9,000 Lb. Capacity / Standard Width / High Lift $3,130 $4,382
HD-9STX  9,000 Lb. Capacity / Narrow Width / High Lift $3,055 $4,277
HD-9  9,000 Lb. Capacity / Standard Width $2,945 $4,123
HD-9ST  9,000 Lb. Capacity / Narrow Width $2,870 $4,018


Again, just fill in that form for more information on a “Made in USA” Patriot Class car lift by BendPak, and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP!

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