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Depending on the model you choose, Ranger wheel balancers are capable of accurately balancing wheels up to 500 lbs. within mere hundredths of an ounce. While all our wheel balancers are extremely accurate, varying models operate at different speeds and/or offer unique features.


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NASPO Wheel Balancers by Ranger Products


 RB24T Wheel Balancer NASPO

RB24T truck wheel balancer

This is our super-duty wheel balancer. Its massive hood and high-weight-capacity spindle quickly balance some of the largest wheels in the business. This is a must-have for shops that service municipal trucks and/or buses. Exclusive Drive-Check™ technology generates quick rotational measurements and provides accurate unbalance data in seconds. All NASPO cooperative purchasing organizations that work on vehicles 10,000 lbs. and up should ask us about this wheel balancer unit.

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 DST64T Wheel Balancer NASPO  

DST64T wheel balancer with DataWand™ Entry

Arguably our most automated unit to date, the DataWand™ utilizes an inner set arm that lets you enter all wheel measurements in about three seconds. It’s not hard to enter this information manually, but saving precious seconds really adds up. Since you don’t have to waste time entering the wheel dimensions into the display panel, you can more quickly render the unbalance data. The wheel balancer also simultaneously calibrates static, dynamic and ALU settings. Its 64-tooth magnetic transducer encoder renders twice as many wheel weight placements as other wheel balancers.

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 DST2420 Wheel Balancer NASPO  

DST2420 wheel balancer

The DST2420 is a shop staple. Fit for shops large and small and servicing wheels up to 30” in diameter, this is the reliable no-frills balancer that will attract NASPO entities who just want the basics. An easy-to-read LED layout is attached to the unit, and six-second balancing speed is standard issue. As with our other wheel balancers, the NASPO contract includes a starter set of stick-on, lead-free tape weights. These adhesive weight styles are increasingly popular because they’re fast as to place as they are safe for the environment.

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 DST30P Wheel Balancer NASPO  

DST30P wheel balancer

This wheel balancer offers a reduced footprint and features the same 64-tooth magnetic transducer encoder as the DST64T, which means weight placements are more accurate than ever—with zero downside. One quick spin (six seconds) and your wheel unbalance data is rendered with incredible accuracy. The fully adjustable LED display helps avoid glare and facilitates a more ergonomic experience for the user. 

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