NASPO PurchaseRanger tire changers are as diverse in function as they are practical in the shop. We’ve included the full suite of our tire changers in our NASPO contract, so state entities can choose the model(s) that’s best for them. These units feature turntables that open up to 26”– 30” in diameter, depending on the model. This configuration accommodates most wheel/tire assemblies. This page is a snapshot view of our product line.

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NASPO Tire Changers by Ranger Products


 Tire Changer Bead Breaker  

Improved bead breaker blade

Ranger designed a spring-loaded alloy steel wedge that safely keeps the blade from entering too far into the tire. This design is built into every tire changer model we make, eliminating blade cover rescues and accidental tire rips that cut into your bottom line.

 Adjustable RimGuard Wheel Clamps  

Adjustable RimGuard™ wheel clamps

Hardened plastic inserts replace the need for cumbersome plastic covers used by some tire changers. Clamp movement is controlled by a convenient foot pedal, leaving your hands free to adjust the tireand-wheel assembly as necessary.

 Variable Speed Turn Table  

Variable speed turntable

The variable speed turntable gives operators total control over bead seating and unseating procedures. With the foot pedal fully depressed, the turntable rotates 360 degrees in seconds flat.

 Tilt-Back Tower Design  

Tilt-back tower design

Some Ranger tire changers allow users to “drop” the tool heads from a 12-o’-clock fixed position. This accommodates a wider range of tire sizes, and since it’s pneumatically operated, it returns to the same position where it was last set, making tire changes on identical configurations much faster than would otherwise be possible.

 Tire Changer Foot Pedal Controls  

A host of foot-pedal controls

Operating your Ranger tire changer by foot is easy. Automatic bead breaker retraction, turntable forward/reverse functionality, tilt-back tower control, wheel clamp control and air hose control (for pressurizing a seated tire) are available through our NASPO contract, depending on the tire changer model you select.

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