NASPO PurchaseMechanics that perform brake work know that brake lathes are specialty tools. While customers with car lifts might do their own tire changes and tire swaps, very few do their own rotor and flywheel or drum and flywheel resurfacing. Likewise, government entities that rely on private shops to do this sort of work will spend a fortune over time. That’s why our NASPO contract includes two Ranger brake lathes: the standard RL8500 and the heavy-duty RL8500XLT for larger truck, van and SUV brake work.

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NASPO Brake Lathes by Ranger Products


NASPO heavy duty brake lathe

Heavy-duty build

Ranger brake lathes are constructed from an incredibly robust cast-iron body, and precision-ground components accompany utterly gigantic floating spindles. On both models offered through our NASPO contract, a 1” arbor holds up to 150 lbs., and an optional 1-7/8” truck arbor holds up to 250 lbs. If the standard 6-7/8” spindle is not big enough, the heavy-duty model offers a 9-7/8” spindle. The larger brake lathe may be necessary for state entities that service large municipal vehicles or semi-trucks.

 Smooth Operating Brake Lathe  

Smooth operation

The most important aspect of a brake lathe is that it doesn’t vibrate as the tool tip cuts. The slightest movement will cause an uneven finish. Ranger brake lathes run so still that you can sit a series of coins on their sides all over the unit and they won’t rattle or fall.

 Ranger Brake Lathe with Dual Motors  

Dual servo motors

Both brake lathes utilize two, independent DC servo motors that regulate the cross-feed and spindle feed. This system replaces old-fashioned mechanical gear boxes. Other brands still use transmission and gears in their brake lathes. By eliminating these vibrating from our design, we ensure a smoother machining finish that doesn’t suffer from multiple frequencies/vibrations.


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