NASPO PurchaseRanger Products, ​a division of BendPak Inc. that handles the manufacture of garage equipment, provides tire changers, wheel balancers and brake lathes through NASPO master contract no. 05316 for vehicle lifts and garage associated equipment. These products are made with the same care and attention to detail as our car lifts, and they are manufactured under strict conditions in BendPak / Ranger’s own facilities.

NASPO Garage Equipment by Ranger Products

NASPO Wheel Balancers  

NASPO Wheel Balancers »

Ranger Products offers several wheel balancers, each with a unique set of features, and each has its own place in the shop. No matter which unit you choose, your wheels will be balanced within mere hundredths of an ounce in seconds flat. Please review our selection of NASPO contract balancers to determine the best model(s) for your needs.


NASPO Tire Changers »

With nearly a dozen tire changers to choose from, you’ll want to carefully consider the vehicle types and needs of your shop. Many municipal vehicles require large truck tire changers, which we offer. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by all the features and gadgets; our trained customer service representatives will guide you through the process in no time.

NASPO Tire Changers

NASPO Brake Lathes

NASPO Brake Lathes »

Ultra-sturdy, transmission-free brake lathes experience virtual zero vibrations, resulting in a perfectly machined finish with every surfacing job. Our NASPO contract includes a heavy-duty model for larger wheel/brake configurations.

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