Heavy Duty Two-Post Lift NASPODiscounted NASPO two-post lifts have 10K, 12K and 18K capacities. This weight range covers most vehicle types, include some semi-trucks, dumpster trucks, school buses and municipal buses. Even the 10,000-lb. capacity lift, the “smallest” in the contract, is suitable for most shops and garages. The swivel arms are supported by high-tech UHMW load bearings that never wear out and never require lubrication. A dual-synchro equalization system ensures an even lift at all times, and the hydraulic system is hidden—and protected—within the structure of the lift. In fact, all moving parts are internally located for both your safety and the safe-keeping of your lift. A BendPak representative familiar with our NASPO contract will help you determine which two-post lift is right for you.

Whether you’re repairing police cars and vans or servicing taxis and other transport vehicles, BendPak’s NASPO two-post lifts are all fully ALI/ETL Certified and covered under our exclusive 5-2-1 warranty plan. This warranty covers our car lift structures, components and hydraulics.

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NASPO Two Post Lifts by BendPak


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