NASPO PurchaseBendPak offers two scissor lift models through our NASPO contract, one low-rise lift and one mid-rise lift. Both may utilize the pantograph “scissor” style of lift, but they’re very different in terms of function.


NASPO Scissor Lifts

LR-5T Scissor Lift NASPO 

10,000-lb. Capacity Scissor Lift »

The 10,000-lb. capacity LR-5T is a low-rise, frame-engaging scissors lift powered by dual-hydraulic cylinders. The frames are connected by a small, centrally located crossbar. Because it does not have an open-center design, this lift type is preferred for shops that need quick access to a vehicle’s wheels and suspension. Body shops and full-service auto repair bays will often have a scissor lift of this type because it serves as an excellent backup to two-post lifts and four-post lifts. Also, wheel service operations are not usually done at the max raised heights of full-size lifts; mechanics who don’t necessarily want additional height can still ergonomically operate low-rise lifts. These lifts might not be your primary car lift, but they increase shop efficiency and maximize the usable space in any garage.

 XR-12000 Scissor Lift NASPO

12,000-lb. Capacity Scissor Lift » 

For a little more lifting height, you NASPO purchasers might want to consider the XR-12000 Quatra™, our one-of-a-kind 12,000-lb. capacity mid-rise scissors lift. Unlike the aforementioned low-rise lift, the Quatra features an open-center design to accompany its respectable rise. It also engages the wheels, so it functions like a four-post lift. However, it’s not designed to let a car park under it. Collapsible mid-rise scissors lifts don’t have posts, so they take up less space than other full-size lifts. They’re the natural choice if you want to perform oil changes, tune suspensions, gain access to the drive-train, etc.


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