NASPO Mobile Column Lift by BendPakThe main benefit of mobile lift columns is that you can theoretically use as many of them as necessary (up to 108,000 lbs.) with virtually any axle or wheel base. They allow large municipal vehicles to be serviced quickly and easily, so if you don’t have a high-capacity, heavy-duty two-post lift or four-post lift in your shop, these mobile units are a great alternative. In terms of mobility, a hydraulically operated steering control raises the lift assembly when you need access to the 8” diameter polyurethane-covered steel wheels (complete with sealed roller bearings). Because these are wheel-engaging lifts, they cannot be used to perform wheel service on raised vehicles. Otherwise, they’re completely open-center, free of posts or crossbeams and can be efficiently stowed away after use.

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NASPO 05316 Mobile Column Lifts

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