NASPO four-post liftThe benefits to this lift type are obvious just by looking at one. One raised and locked in place, a second vehicle can park directly underneath. In this way, four-post lifts are also parking lifts. The two-in-one benefit (service lift and parking lift) will serve NASPO purchasers well, especially if your entity is in need of extra parking space.

While selecting four-post lifts for our NASPO contract, we settled on the two models that are most commonly used and most broadly applicable. Customers choose these lifts because they service most vehicle types, but they choose BendPak because of the engineering that goes into the design. Weight capacity is the least important factor when choosing a brand. BendPak, unlike many of our competitors, over-engineers our components well beyond ALI specifications. Our oversized cable sheaves ensure minimal friction on the aircraft-quality lifting cables, and our secondary lock cable-slack detection protects your equipment in the extremely unlikely event of hydraulic failure or hose rupture.

The four-post lift design is great on its own for many jobs, but there’s one thing new users should note: wheel service requires an optional rolling bridge jack, which rolls back and forth between the runways, engages the vehicle’s lift points and lifts the vehicle off its wheels.

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NASPO Four Post Lifts by BendPak


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