BendPak uses an authorized nationwide network of independent contractors for lift installations, warranty repair, lift inspections, wheel service setup, freight delivery, and preventative maintenance. BendPak only authorizes and chooses installers with the highest ratings in customer service. All contractors must maintain a high customer service rating to continue being an authorized BendPak installer.


Is lift installation included in the price of a BendPak / Ranger product?

Sorry, but we are unable to include installation at this time. We are, however, able to source a local contractor if you are not equipped or comfortable with installing the lift yourself. If you would like to have a local independent contractor install your lift, our courteous dealers or factory sales professionals can recommend an authorized lift installer in your area. Please contact our customer service department by calling 1-805-933-9970 or e-mail us at

How much would it cost for a professional installer to install my new lift?

Professional lift installation pricing depends on several factors. It is best to contact your dealer to assist you in finding the right installer at the right price.

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