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Corporate cultureAt BendPak, we owe much of our global success to the talent, enthusiasm and ambition of our employees. We have always drawn strength from the incredibly diverse individuals that we employ. Our deeply collaborative corporate culture encourages every member of our team to call on a wealth of disciplines and experiences to perform their best.

BendPak team members enjoy a fast-paced, challenging environment that rewards passion and hard work. There’s nothing more exciting for us than watching an employee pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. Many of our people have been here for over twenty years and have risen through the ranks to build lucrative and influential careers. We give every employee the personal latitude to direct his or her own professional development. That’s why our employees say they are happier at BendPak than they’ve ever been anywhere else.

It doesn’t matter who it comes from, a great idea is a great idea—and ideas are the lifeblood of any evolving corporation. One of BendPak’s top priorities is to keep the interdepartmental communication channels open and flowing. It’s very rare to find a closed door in our halls, and our newly-designed lounge is a stately hub of relaxation where all departments eat together and refresh themselves. Even the highest levels of management make it a point to be accessible to every member of the BendPak family, so outstanding work and innovation is both properly recognized and rewarded. We’re proud that our employees don’t just work within BendPak, they work on BendPak itself, making the entire organization stronger with every dedicated person we add to the roster.

It also doesn’t hurt that BendPak’s newly remodeled home-base of operations is located in beautiful Santa Paula, California. We invite you to find out more about why our hometown is such a great place to work and live.

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