PCL-16HD-4 66,000 Lb. Capacity Mobile Column Lift System, Hydraulic (4)
BendPak PCL-16HD-4 portable column lift
When you need to lift something so mammothly gargantuan that most folks can’t even wrap their heads around the sheer weight being moved around, that’s when BendPak truly shines. Most service technicians will never need to lift above 20,000 lbs. So, if you find yourself needing to lift more than three times that, congratulations! You’re in an exclusive class of exceptional automotive experts, and you deserve an exceptional lift to match. Behold the PCL-16HD-4. Each post in this super-duty portable lift system has a 16,500-lb. capacity all on its own. When you put four of them together, they are capable of pushing an incredible 66,000-lbs. worth of metal to a serviceable height of 70”.

    Set of Four

    Whether you need to lift a bus, fleet vehicle, or fire truck, BendPak’s PCL-16HD lift system is designed to meet your needs. This super-duty portable column lift system has a combined lifting capacity of 66,000 lbs. and takes just over one minute to reach the maximum lifting height of 67”. Each column features a mechanical locking system, flow control check valve, pressure relief valve and trouble-free hydraulics for increased safety and reliability. A unique hydraulic control system allows operators to lower the columns manually in the event of a power supply failure. Microprocessor controls combined with a unique hydraulic synchronization system ensures very smooth movement over the entire journey; from floor, to maximum lifting height and back. A hydraulic pallet-truck mechanism, coupled with a tight turning radius, enables one person to move the columns effortlessly. The PCL-16HD system's controls are easy to use and feature up / down and emergency stop buttons. Includes the added convenience of three separate operation modes: single, pair or all four.

    The PCL-16HD-4 is the four-post configuration of the PCL-16HD series. If you need a six-post configuration, check out the PCL-16HD-6.

    *Not all BendPak lift models meet the standards as prescribed by ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2006 or ANSI/UL 201. Consult www.autolift.org for complete listings or contact BendPak via contact@bendpak.com.

    • 16,500-lb. individual column capacity
    • 66,000-lb. maximum system capacity
    • Three modes of operation: single, pair and all four
    • 67" lifting height for tall mechanics
    • Extended 15" forks accommodate super-wide tires and deep wheel configurations
    • Multi-width wheel forks with locking pins accommodate the widest range of wheels eliminating the need for specialty wheel adapters
    • Integrated electronic feature self diagnostics functions
    • Independent column control stations eliminate the need for a single master control column
    • Trouble-free hydraulic lifting system
    • Low power consumption
    • Separate key lock security for each control box
    • Fuse protected
    • Sealed rollers on the wheels for easy movement of the columns
    • Sealed roller bearings on carriages for a lifetime of trouble-free service
    • Space-saving design and reduced column weight
    • A tight turning radius provides easy mobility
    • Automatic synchronization and communication between columns for precise, level lifting
    • Multiple, automatic, independent safety locks ensure safe operation
    • Quick-disconnect plugs at each column for fast and efficient set up
    • Simple operation, long service life and minimum maintenance
    • Operator monitoring and automatic leveling control
    • Set the vehicle on jack stands and use the columns to raise another vehicle in an adjoining bay
    • Low-profile fork angle for easy positioning of columns, especially for floatation tires
    • Low mounted weight distribution of power unit and controls means a low center of gravity, allowing the columns to move easier than top heavy screw-drive columns
    • Durable powder-coat finish


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    • Max column capacity: 16,500 lbs. / 7,484 kg
    • Max system capacity: 66,000 lbs. / 43,545 kg
    • Min column height: 89" / 2,255 mm
    • Max column height: 144-3/4" / 3,675 mm
    • Max lifting height: 70" / 1,778 mm
    • Length lifting fork: 15" / 381 mm
    • Overall length: 47-3/4" / 1,210 mm
    • Min width inside lifting fork: 11" / 280 mm
    • Max width inside lifting fork: 23-1/2" / 597 mm
    • Overall width: 43-1/2" / 1,100 mm
    • Turning circle: 40" / 1,016 mm
    • Column weight: 549 lbs. / 1,210 kg
    • Lifting speed: 110 sec
    • Motor: 2 Hp / 208 V – 230 V / 50 Hz – 60 Hz / 3 Ph
    • Shipping weight: 1,394 lbs. / 634 kg (Ea. post)
    • Shipping dimensions: 72" x 42" x 96" / 1,829 mm x 1,067 mm x 2,438 mm (Ea. post)

    *Not all BendPak lift models meet the standards as prescribed by ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2006 or ANSI/UL 201. Consult www.autolift.org for complete listings or contact BendPak via contact@bendpak.com.

    BendPak PCL-16HD-4 portable column lift
    BendPak PCL-16HD-4 portable column lift
    PCL-16HD-4 lift fork assembly
    Portable column lift handle
    PCL-16HD-4 control console

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    Quick Specs

    Column capacity: 16,500 lbs.
    System capacity: 66,000 lbs.
    Min column height: 89"
    Max column height: 144-3/4"
    Lifting height: 70"
    Overall length: 47-3/4"
    Overall width: 43-1/2"
    Shipping weight: 1,394 lbs.
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