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PL-6KDTX Tandem Parking Lift BendPak
This 6,000-lb. capacity double-wide parking lift, available in standard and extended-width models, safely converts your two-car garage into a four-car garage. No columns sit between the two parking platforms, which keeps this puzzle lift’s footprint down to an astoundingly efficient 205” overall width

    The PL-6KDT is an indoor-outdoor ​platform car lift that holds a total of four vehicles in its 224” x 205” x 1​24” frame. Dual hydraulic cylinders and a pair of stabilizing lifting cables support two lifting platforms. The cables are routed internally throughout the parking lift.

    This lift is intended for use by anyone with four vehicles but only one wide garage area to store them. You’ll be surprised to see how well this unit fits in a variety of garage sizes. In the right space, it can be successfully utilized for either commercial or residential purposes.

    Choose extended-width

    For wide-clearance vehicles, we’ve extended the columns of the PL-6KDTX car lift a little wider. This ensures that truck mirrors gracefully pass through the lift structure, and vehicle doors have a little more room to open and close. Some folks find the extra space more accommodating when they need to access the vehicle.

    One lift houses four vehicles

    For many car enthusiasts, municipal parking lots and professional shops with limited parking space, the only way to park vehicles has been to buy multiple parking lifts and place them side-by-side, as close together as possible. This not only takes up an obscene amount of space, it’s expensive to keep buying more lifts. The PL-6KDT will hold most vehicles up to 6,000 lbs., and because it doesn’t have any posts between the two lifting platforms, you can fit this double-wide parking lift in most two-door garages.

    Garage parking lift by BendPak

    Two independent platforms

    Two full-width, high-strength galvanized steel platforms cover most of the length of the parking lift. No in-between columns take up extra space, so your parking lift offers maximum lifting ability with a minimal footprint. Because each platform is independently suspended by taut, aircraft-quality steel cables, one vehicle can be lowered while the other side remains still. This eliminates the need to “shuffle” vehicles from the half of the lift where vehicles are not being accessed.

    Dual platform parking lift

    Internally routed hydraulic lines and cables

    When the parking lift platform reaches its max height, the lock system automatically engages, safely and indefinitely suspending your vehicle out of harm’s way.

    BendPak's tandem parking lift

    Single-position, auto-engaging lock

    When the puzzle lift platform reaches its max height, the lock system automatically engages, safely and indefinitely suspending your vehicle out of harm’s way.

    Best Car Storage Solutions

    Park safer inside

    Vehicle parking lifts offer a safer alternative to parking multiple cars in the driveway or street. Rather than being forced to park your precious cargo outdoors where it gets exposed to weather, accidents and theft, keep your cars, trucks and/or SUVs safely tucked inside. There’s no price tag on your peace of mind.

    Power options

    This parking lift can be configured for 110V or 220V operation. International voltages available. 

    *Not all BendPak lift models meet the standards as prescribed by ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2011 or ANSI/UL 201. Consult for a complete list or contact BendPak via

    GoPro Time Lapse of BendPak Home Garage Lift Installation

    BendPak Home Garage Car Lift Installation

    • 6,000-lb. capacity per deck
    • Perfect for cars, light trucks, motorcycles and ATVs
    • Rugged I-beam and C-channel construction
    • Built-in wheel stops
    • Wide base-plate for maximum stability
    • Front and rear wheel chocks
    • Superstructure features durable powder-coat finish
    • Dual hydraulic cylinders with heavy-duty steel lifting cable
    • Heavy-duty steel construction
    • Reliable electric-hydraulic power system
    • Full-width platform to keep bottom vehicles protected
    • Simple controls
    • Oversized sheave diameter reduces cable fatigue
    • High-speed lifting
    • Features heavy-duty 3/8" aircraft cable
    • Rugged 1-1/4" roller axles
    • Multi-position safety locks in each column
    • Runways feature non-skid surface
    • Push-button pneumatic safety release
    • Independent backup slack-cable safety latches
    • Customizable power unit location

    • How to choose the right car lift for you

      Safe balancing for BendPak car lifts

      BendPak's Top 10 Car Lift Buyers Guide

    • Lifting Capacity: 6,000 lbs. / 2,722 kg
    • Overall Width - PL-6KDT: 211” / 5,352 mm
    • Overall Width - PL-6KDTX: 250” / 6,350 mm
    • Overall Length: 236-1/2” / 6,008 mm
    • Overall Height: 1​23.75” / ​3,140 mm
    • Min. Runway Height: 9” / 230 mm
    • Max. Rise: 89” / 2,261 mm
    • Width Between Posts (PL-6KDT): 185-1/2" / 4,715 mm
    • Width Between Posts (PL-6KDTX): 225” / 5,713 mm
    • Platform Width: 82" / 2,086 mm
    • Length of Platforms: 152" / 3,862 mm
    • Drive Clearance: 93" / 2,374 mm
    • Locking Positions: 1
    • Lifting Time: 30 Seconds
    • Standard Motor: 220 VAC / 60 Hz. 1Ph.

    *Not all BendPak lift models meet the standards as prescribed by **ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2006 or ANSI/UL 201. Consult for a complete list or contact BendPak via

    PL-6KDTX Tandem Parking Lift BendPak
    PL-6KDTX Tandem Parking Lift BendPak
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    Dual Platform Parking Lift
    Platform Parking Lift
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    PL-6KDT Puzzle Parking Lift

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