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Leepu & Pitbull & BendPak

August 3rd, 2015

Leepu & Putbull

BendPak has been proudly outfitting the finest automotive talent on TV since, well, they started making reality television shows starring fine automotive talent. Our latest partner in automotive mayhem and make-right is History Channel’s new hit series, Leepu & Pitbull.

The show follows the weekly exploits of the two titular craftsmen as they take seemingly worthless materials and transform them into customized super cars.

Nizamuddin “Leepu” Awlia is a Bangladesh native who began customizing and restoring cars in his native India. He first became enamored with all things vehicular when his father took him to a car show in Saudi Arabia when he was 16. He garnered fame for such creations as the Leepu-mobile, the Leemo-bil, and the Angel Car. This is not his first TV show. Leepu also starred in Chop Shop: London and Bangla Bangers. Uniquely, Leepu isn’t too big on drawing or writing any of his own designs. Instead he finds inspiration in his materials and just dives in with two hands, beating and cutting sheet metal into spectacular submission.

Steve Tromboli, or as he’s better known, Steve Pitbull is the other half of the dynamic duo and has been working in shops and garages since his teens. A gifted mechanic, Pitbull was able to turn his passion for fast cars and powerful engines into a thriving business after only a few short years. His other passion is turning old junk into brand new gold, which lucky viewers can witness weekly.

If you’re not tuning in, you’re missing out. Make sure you check out Leepu & Pitbull on History Channel. Or watch episodes online right now!


Happy Cinco!

May 5th, 2015

Workshop Depot Redesigns Website

January 17th, 2015

Workshop Depot recently unveiled a newly designed website. “We have been working hard over the past several months to update our website design and expand the information and tools available to our customers,” said Dave Shedlock, Workshop Depot President. “Our goal was to develop a user friendly site that provides our customers with the information they need when they need it.” The Workshop Depot website upgrade includes expanded product information as well as up-to-date news on Workshop Depot tools and equipment specials. An additional enhancement includes a new mobile feature that optimizes the site for tablet and smartphone use. For more details, visit

Almost Time for Santa to Put Up his Daily Driver

December 21st, 2014
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from BendPak/Ranger!

Looking to download the full-sized version? Click the image!

From all of us at BendPak/Ranger, we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

How to Convince Your Spouse You Need a Car Lift

October 5th, 2014

You know what’s great? Facts. You know what’s even better? Facts that are easy to digest. As we’ve known all along, DIY is not only great way to ensure your automobiles are properly serviced but also the best way to save money. And now the good folks over at Auto Parts Warehouse have been kind enough to prove it for you, us and all of our spouses. They recently conducted an exhaustive survey of 3,000 consumers and discovered that 33% reported saving AT LEAST $1,000 / year by taking on automotive repairs themselves. Also of those who self-identify as DIYers, many keep their vehicles longer, adding to even more savings in the long run.

But enough of our blabber, check out the eye-opening infographic and highlights below. You can also download the full report for yourself and your spouse here. Because these numbers don’t lie, there’s never been a better time to be a DIYer with your very own BendPak car lift.


DIY Auto Repair Survey Highlights:

  • 33% of DIYers report saving $1,000+
  • 48% working on 10+ year-old vehicles
  • 80% say easy access to parts online making them more likely to DIY
  • 94% continue to DIY their vehicles in spite of improved finances
  • 55% of women DIYers report doing more DIY this year

Carson, CA–October 1, 2014–Consumers continue to embrace auto repair DIY, and report that they are saving hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars by doing so, this according to a new survey of nearly 3,000 consumers released today by

The findings show that these DIY auto repairers are chiefly driven by cost-savings (one-third report saving over $1,000/year), but also by the enjoyment of the actual work. In fact, comparing results to a similar 2012 study, there has been a slight downtick in those DIY’ing to save money and a slight uptick in those who say they DIY because they enjoy it – as well as a major increase in those reporting that even though their financial situation has improved, they still will DIY over going to the repair shop.

Overall, nearly half of DIYers report doing more repair work this year than last year, and two-thirds say they are more likely to attempt a difficult job. Interestingly, over half of women DIYer respondents say they are doing more DIY auto repairs this year than in 2012. Why? One reason is saving money, but the other key driver is that they are holding onto their cars longer (over 50% have cars that are 10+ years old). And the Internet continues to play a key role by delivering easy access to parts/accessories as well as extensive how-to information, making these consumers more likely to perform both simple and difficult DIY repairs.

The 2014 DIYAuto Repair Report is based on an online survey conducted among 2,843 consumers from May 29 to August 28, 2014.*

Report Highlights:

DIYers Saving Money and Keeping Their Vehicles Longer

Reflecting current trends, these self-identifying DIYers are reporting that they own older vehicles and, given that DIYers tend to own used vehicles (74%), and do a lot of their own repair work (84% have done some work on their vehicle in past three months), it is no surprise that:

  • 48% have vehicles that are 10 years or older
  • 64% have over 100K miles on their vehicles
  • 14% have over 200K miles

And they are pocketing quite a difference, nearly one-third say they are saving over $1,000 annually by buying parts and doing their own auto repair work, with 62% saving over $500.

By purchasing parts/accessories and doing DIY auto repair work yourself, how much do you estimate you save yearly?

  • Over $1000 33%
  • $500 – $1000 29%
  • $300 -$500 23%
  • $100-$300 11%
  • I don’t think I save any money 2%
  • $0-$100 / I don’t think I save any money 2%


DIYers Still Doing More DIY (especially women) and More Difficult Jobs

Overall, 44% of DIYers report doing more DIY work now than a couple of years ago. And, strikingly, 55% of female DIYers report that they are doing more of their own repairs this year than last. When it comes to the level of DIY work, 67% of both male and female DIYers said that compared to two years ago they are more likely to do a more difficult repair/upgrade job themselves than take it to the shop.

Economics Still a Factor, but a Little Less So

When asked why they are doing more work this year than last year, ‘holding onto my vehicle for lon­ger’ is tied (36%) with ‘saving money’ (36%). Overall, ‘saving money’ is the main reason (79%) respon­dents give for doing any DIY auto repair work on their vehicles; however, that has dropped about four percentage points from 2012 when it was 83%; ‘because I enjoy it’ was cited by 66%, just slightly up (by two percentage points) from 2012.


Which best describes why you choose to work on your own vehicles? (check all that apply)

  • I enjoy it 66%
  • To save money 79%
  • I have the expertise 39%
  • I trust myself more than a mechanic 41%
  • I have classic or exotic car, and it’s a hobby 13%
  • Other 6%



Which best describes why you choose to work on your own vehicles?

Two things seem clear: the financial picture has improved since 2014 for nearly half of these DIYers, but this is not necessarily driving them to the repair shop: of the DIYers who reported that their financial situation has improved nearly all of them – 94%! – say that they will still do their own repairs versus going to the repair shop – this is a big uptick from 79% in 2012.

Internet Continues to Influence…The Internet is definitely making attempting DIY an easier proposition for consumers: when asked why they would choose to do a difficult repair/upgrade on their vehicle rather than take it to the shop, one-third cited the fact that there is more how-to repair information online and a whopping 80% overall (including those who do not identify as DIYers) said that easy access to auto parts/acces­sories online makes them more likely to DIY auto repairs/upgrades.

…So Does Learning from Dad – Especially for Women.

Forty-four percent of female DIYers, versus 29% of male DIYers, report that they learned to perform maintenance/repair work on their vehicles from their dad/family. The data from female respondents – admittedly, a smaller universe (85% male versus 15% female) – offered some interesting counter­points in the study. For example, saving money appears to be a much bigger driver to DIY for women than for men: 44% of women, versus 31% of men, say they work on their vehicles to save money and when non-DIYers were asked why they have not done any auto maintenance/repair/upgrades them­selves, women were far more likely to cite fear of breaking or damaging the car than men: 27% versus 18%.

Nevertheless, while men were more likely to attempt more difficult repair jobs such as replacing transmission filters, flushing radiator/cooling system, repairing AC and repairing ignition wire sets, the data shows that some women are also doing these repairs.


Which of these jobs do you do yourself?

Jobs Male Female

  • Change muffler 31% 13%
  • Recharge/repair AC 37% 21%
  • Replace transmission filters 38% 16%
  • Repair ignition wire set 45% 17%
  • Flush radiator/cooling system 51% 29%
  • Replace fuel filters 56% 29%
  • Replace spark plugs 62% 38%
  • Replace brake pads 63% 35%
  • Change oil filters 64% 40%
  • Change oil 64% 41%
  • Add antifreeze 65% 45%
  • Replace air filters 65% 41%
  • Replace headlamp bulbs 66% 42%
  • Replace windshield wiper blades 66% 45%
  • Replace battery 66% 45%




About*’s survey was conducted at, and the analysis was conducted by


Wrenchers Warehouse – New Equipment Distributor Emphasizing Plan to Service Growing Market

September 22nd, 2014


Louisville, TN, Feb. 9 – BendPak-Ranger, a leading automotive service equipment manufacturer has appointed Wrenchers Warehouse™ as a new authorized distributor for their growing U.S. market. Newly founded, Wrenchers Warehouse is poised to become a leading supplier with their modest philosophy of selling the best brands at the best prices then backing up the sale with exemplary service. With over 40-years of hands-on experience in the automotive equipment field, Wrenchers Warehouse sales and marketing VP Chuck Rimlinger is counting on his four decades of knowledge and know-how to propel his new business forward.

“Chuck Rimlinger’s talents are well rounded. He has an excellent background in wheel service equipment with his tenures at leading companies like Rels, Ammco, Hennessy Industries, BendPak and our Ranger Products division, said Jeff Kritzer, senior vice president of sales and marketing for BendPak. “His car lift and specialty equipment knowledge is equally solid making him one of the most qualified specialists in the industry. Chuck’s eagerness and determination to open his own business makes Wrenchers Warehouse a perfect fit for our new dealer model. We look forward to a long, prosperous relationship,” Kritzer said.

“Having the opportunity to work with BendPak is exciting and will allow us to bring a collection of quality products and formidably recognized brands to our customer base at the very best prices. With our level of expertise, product knowledge and experience, we’re looking forward to talking to customers and helping them choose the right equipment for their needs,” remarked Chuck Rimlinger, Wrenchers Warehouse Sales and Marketing VP.

For information, contact Wrenchers Warehouse at 1-800-587-0663 or visit

Geoff Sykes Racing Teams Up With QuickJack

July 17th, 2014

Global Rallycross QuickJack

Geoff Sykes of Global Rallycross fame is pleased to announce the recent partnership with BendPak-Ranger to help promote their newest product, the QuickJack™ portable motorsports jack system. The QuickJack is a lightweight, fully portable low-rise car jacking system that professional motorsports teams can use to get their cars in the air quickly.

Commented Geoff Sykes, a world class driver and new QuickJack spokesperson; “When I’m racing, time saved in the paddock means extra time on the track. We’re always looking for products to help my crew work faster and perform better. In the past we were always forced to use floor jacks and jack stands after every track run. The QuickJack allows us to put the floor jacks and jack stands away and get the car off the ground in less than a minute. My crew can’t live without the QuickJack.”

A world class professional racing driver with a proven reputation, Sykes is known for delivering results-driven marketing solutions to long-standing business partners with his fierce passion for motorsports. He’s a Global Rallycross driver, X Games athlete and current national USTCC GT 2013 champion; won the national BMW CCA Racing championship as a rookie with new track records and multiple wins and now sits as a 3 time regional and national champion. See more at:

ASE Launches New Website

February 13th, 2014

Automotive Service Equipment (ASE launches new website to further assist their growing online audience.

Authorized BendPak Ranger dealer, ASE Deals, recently overhauled their website, which reflects their vision of delivering the best brands backed with superior customer service.

ASE New WebsiteThe website has a new contemporary look and feel, and enables customers to easily search for new products and services, such as BendPak 2-post or 4-post lifts. The new site is fully integrated with the company’s social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and its blog, and has an integral customer relationship management system to ensure that after-service professionals are fully informed of customers’ needs in real time.

“Technology and design move at a fast pace and our website had become outdated,” said Brian Lockhart, Automotive Service Equipment President. “We felt it was time to refresh the layout of the website and to make some key improvements. Our new website reflects the heavy investment we are making as an organization into our e-seller communication tools. The new site enables an improved level of interaction with our customers. We believe it reflects our service promise in its truest sense.”

In addition to being more accessible, dynamic and interactive, Automotive Service Equipment’s new website is search-driven, making it faster and easier for visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for. The new site offers a wealth of information and resources, including educational materials, tutorials, maintenance articles and more.

ASE LogoTo see the new Automotive Service Equipment website, please go to

BendPak Opens Leasing Division

October 9th, 2013


We are proud to announce the launching of our new finance division, BP Leasing, to provide equipment leasing through BendPak’s national dealer network in cooperation with FirstLease Inc. of Fort Washington, Pa.

Authorized BendPak / Ranger dealers will now be able to offer customers a lease option that minimizes capital risk and provides flexible lease plans, including re-lease, purchase, or return at lease end, the company said. Customers can arrange total financing, including shipping and installation costs, within the program’s flexible funding methods.

We’re excited that our dealers are able to offer a leasing program with 100-percent financing through our FirstLease partnership. It’s just another way to make it easier for buyers to get the products they need.

As our VP of sales and marketing, Jeff Kritzer put it, “Our new domain is It’s exactly our intention, to ‘be pleasing.'”

BendPak’s leasing program covers purchases up to $250,000, features nationwide coverage, extended term options, and approvals within 24 to 48 hours. Same-day approvals are available for those requiring expedited finance solutions, the company said.

Head to now for more info.

New Tuf‐Pads™ Will Change the Way You Lift

June 13th, 2013


When you think of a BendPak two-post lift, you probably picture a big, beefy two-post frame surrounding a huge truck that is suspended majestically off the ground. The funny thing is, all of that relies on four things you probably didn’t think about—the contact pads. We offer many options here at BendPak, but by far the most popular has been our rubber pads.

But since these points of contact are so important, we started to ask ourselves: can we do better? And as usual, when we put our minds to it, we came up with something pretty darn great.

The problem with natural rubber is that it can degrade over time and, in extreme conditions, be hurt by certain chemicals. And even if that doesn’t happen, the material can be gouged or cut. But that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. After all, its malleability is part of what makes natural rubber so grabby.

So after trying several popular compounds, our engineers hit on the perfect new material for our two-post pads—something at least as grabby as natural rubber but superior in strength and overall toughness: Polyurethane. These new Polyurethane two-post contact pads are so tough in fact, that we are proud to call them Tuf-Pads™.

You see, they use a specially formulated hardness elastomer that we designed specifically to resist cutting, abrasions, and gouging—even those tricky chemicals and solvents–but without sacrificing that necessary stickiness that you get from rubber. And not only that, we made new Tuf-Pads™ extra durable to extend the life of the contact pads, taking your investment even further than you thought.

Like we said, those contact pads are small when compared to the rest of the two-post car lift structure, but they can make all the difference. So here at BendPak, we sweat the little stuff so you won’t have to.

Check out the Tuf-Pads™ product page for more information. They come included with new BendPak two-post lifts or you can buy them online. And while you’re there, check out all the other great accessories from BendPak designed to make automotive service a breeze.

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