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BendPak Growth More Streamlined than Ever

July 19th, 2017

BendPak has grown to be a dream 50 years in the making. During this half-century of evolving into the automotive equipment specialists we are today, our mission has been continually focused on improvement in all areas, including engineering and design, production and logistics, and of course, customer service.

A look inside our new shipping facility expansion:

Ever since our ribbon cutting ceremony earlier this year, we have been relocating over 5,000 part SKUs from previous housings to new designated bar-code bins in new warehouses. We have relocated almost the same amount in large equipment items, as well including every finished lift and wheel service product, not to mention the hundreds of other shop equipment items we stock.

Our new Total Warehouse Logistics (TWL) approach supports day-to-day operations in our multiple warehouses. All warehouse tasks are now managed in a real-time environment, supported through radio frequency data collection devices that are carried by our warehouse workers. The new wireless barcode scanners and mini-computers record all inventory and order processing transactions in real time. Warehouse productivity and workflow, including product movements, receiving, shipping, picking, counting and accuracy, are being improved and streamlined. This new era in BendPak’s history will result in greater efficiency and higher capability. We’ll be faster and fully automated.

It’s an honor for us to supply each and every one of you with our products. We’re keeping the fires lit around the clock, burning the midnight oil and then some, as we quickly become bigger and better than ever before. This entire process is going to make the best even better, so stay tuned for more big news from BendPak.

Ranger Products Releases RP-50FC 25-Ton Capacity Oil Filter Crusher

July 18th, 2016

Santa Paula, California – July 2016 –
crusher renderRanger Products is debuting a new oil filter crusher that flattens used oil filters with over 50,000 lbs. of crushing force, reducing them to 20% of their original size. The Ranger RP-50FC transforms used oil filters, normally regulated by the EPA, into general refuse by squeezing out 95% of residual oil and transforming the used filter into a compact puck that can then be disposed of as normal waste or recycled for profit. By removing virtually all of the residual oil, operators are able to eliminate EPA mandates and separately recycle both the used oil and crushed oil filters. With recycled waste oil realizing prices as high as a dollar per gallon and recycled scrap metal prices on the rise, the Ranger RP-50FC oil filter crusher earns business owners a return on investment over time.

The Ranger RP-50FC comes with many built-in features to ensure convenient use and safe operation of the oil filter crusher. Simple operator controls are ergonomically placed to minimize operator reach and movement during faced-paced, high-repetition work. A fully automatic cycle feature allows operators to load filters, push a button and walk away. Also included is a remote electric foot switch that allows convenient, hands-free operation of all basic controls. A built-in automatic safety door with a reinforced transparent viewing window stops everything if and when the door opens. Equipped with a rugged stand, the RP-50FC accommodates collection drums ranging from 5 to 55 gallons. Powered by a 2 HP, 208 – 240V, 50 / 60 Hz, 20A single-phase, electric/hydraulic pump.

About BendPak‐Ranger: BendPak / Ranger manufactures car lifts, parking lifts, pipe benders, and air compressors. Their Ranger Products brand includes tire changers, wheel balancers, wheel aligners, brake lathes, and a wide variety of garage equipment. BendPak and Ranger related marks are registered trademarks of BendPak Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. For more information contact BendPak Inc. at 1-800-253-2363 or visit General press inquiries:

BendPak Unveils Elite Series of Multi-Stage Air Compressors

July 1st, 2016

V-Max Elite Air Compressor

Santa Paula, California – July 2016 – BendPak recently introduced a new family of two-stage air compressors to increase their presence in the commercial and industrial markets. Their latest V-Max Elite Air Compressor Series models are equipped with 7.5 or 10 horsepower energy-efficient motors paired with huge 4-cylinder 100% cast iron pumps resting on 80-gallon or 120-gallon welded steel tanks. V-Max Elite models are perfectly matched for busy shops and businesses that demand round-the-clock air supply, less energy consumption and low service and maintenance requirements. A slightly smaller model, the TS-5 Elite Air Compressor, is equipped with a 5 horsepower energy-efficient motor paired with a twin cylinder cast iron pump.

“Our new Elite Series models raise the ante in our industry and completely change the game,” said Jeff Kritzer, Senior Vice President of Marketing for BendPak. “We’ve had a presence in the air compressor business for over a decade, but nothing in our past lineup ever compared to these new models. It puts BendPak on a whole new level.”

All Elite series pumps feature balanced pistons, industrial-grade connecting rods, easy-access disc valves, forged iron crankshafts, tapered roller main bearings and dual-belt drive systems. Low-RPM operation delivers air in almost total silence and forced-air after-coolers chill the air for reduced heat and condensation.

About BendPak‐Ranger: BendPak / Ranger manufactures car lifts, parking lifts, pipe benders and air compressors. Their Ranger Products brand includes tire changers, wheel balancers, wheel aligners, brake lathes, and a wide variety of garage equipment. BendPak and Ranger related marks are registered trademarks of BendPak Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. For more information contact BendPak Inc. at 1-800-253-2363 or visit General press inquiries:

V-Max Elite Air Compressor Motor

New NextGen R30XLT Tire Changer Video

March 16th, 2013

R30XLT Tire Changer Blog Header

Get to know the Ranger R30XLT NextGen Tire Changer a little better. Check out the just-released video on YouTube and get a full overview of the time-saving features that make this tire machine a great investment for any shop. This is one of the sturdiest machines Ranger makes, complete with easy-to-use foot pedals and a unique roller tool that you’ve just got to see.

See it below:

Ranger RFJ-3000AL Racing Jack Review

February 19th, 2010

Ranger RFJ-3000AL Low Profile Aluminum Racing Floor Jack Video Review

It’s video Friday! Okay, that’s not a really a thing, but regardless–YouTube user and BendPak / Ranger fan RGsedona just got a brand new Ranger RFJ-3000AL Low Profile Aluminum Racing Floor Jack. So he did the only logical thing one does after opening a box of shiny new quality garage equipment—review it on video for all the internet to see. Ever been curious about how low the RFJ-3000AL’s profile really is? Want to see it stacked up against the other floor jack competition? Watch this video!

Also, make sure to check out RGsedona’s other videos and give him a rating if you find them helpful. Thanks for the kind words, RGsedona!

Ranger R23ST Tire Machine

February 10th, 2010

Any Easy-To-Follow Tire Changer Video Tutorial

We apologize, but the tutorial video you are looking for is no longer available on this website. Please click the link to learn more about the R23ST Tire Changer.

New Ranger RP-20FC Oil Filter / Can Crusher Demo Video Released!

November 9th, 2009

20,000 lbs. of pure crushing fury

Last week, we brought you a behind-the-scenes taste of our RP-20FC Filter Crusher demo. Now, for your viewing pleasure, we’re happy to present you with the real thing in action! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the pneumatic crushing powerhouse known as the RP-20FC.

Check out these features:

– 20,000 lbs. of air-operated crushing pressure
– Welded steel plate construction
– Built-in pressure regulator and air moisture separator
– 100% air operated for minimal maintenance
– Single-control valve operation
– Automatic safety lock system
– Convenient observation window
– 12-1/2″ diameter hydraulic cylinder
– Unique X-shaped bevel press head removes 15% more oil
– Crushes oil filters and cans down to 25% of their original size
– Integrated collection chamber and fluid hose to reduce mess
– 11″ chamber opening height
– Accepts air inputs between 125 psi and 175 psi
– Saves you money, saves the environment

Check out the video below, or click the VIDEO tab on the RP20FC product page.

Behind the Scenes of the Ranger RP-20FC Demo

November 2nd, 2009

Lights, camera, crush!

As we wrap up post-production on our newest demo video for the Ranger RP-20FC, we thought you guys might be interested in seeing a little bit of what goes into making it. So, for your viewing pleasure, we took a handful of pics to document the process and posted them on the official BendPak Flickr page.

Hope you like what you see! And stay tuned to the BendPak blog as we’re expecting the RP-20FC Oil Filter / Can Crusher video to hit the web any day now…and believe us, it’s worth the wait.

New PL-7000X Parking Lift Demo Video Released!

October 23rd, 2009

The New BendPak PL-7000X Parking Lift

A little while ago, we let you know about big changes coming to BendPak parking lifts. Now we’re pleased to announce that you get to see one in action with an all-new demo that will knock your socks off!

Behold: the PL-7000X Parking Lift from BendPak, the absolute finest parking solution money can buy. This thing comes absolutely loaded with features like:

– 7,000-lb. lifting capacity
– Minimum footprint for multiple installations in limited space
– Independent lifting structures for staggered installation
– Galvanized deck protects bottom vehicle
– Overhead power unit provides smooth quiet hydraulic operation
– Wide-deck platform accommodates pickups, vans and cars
– Durable construction for maximum stability
– Dual hydraulic cylinders and heavy-duty lifting chain
– Dual synchronization chains keeps the deck level under all conditions
– Adjustable automatic safety locks on each column engage as the lift rises
– Maintenance-free composite carriage and bearings and chain rollers
– Easy installation
– Integrated turnkey operation and lock-release lever

Check out the video below, and in case you missed it, here are two behind-the-scenes pics taken during production.

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