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That’s a Wrap

February 16th, 2016

Babco's New Van

At BendPak, we recently got the privilege of seeing our Canadian dealer’s new service van and we can honestly say it’s the sexiest looking truck in the fleet.

Surrey, BC-based Babco Sales Ltd. recently purchased a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 high roof cargo van for the transportation and delivery of BendPak and Ranger service equipment throughout Canada’s western provinces. With the increased demand for both local and out of town deliveries, Babco’s management saw no better way to meet those demands than to add another commercial truck to their growing fleet. But simply having a truck was not enough. They realized that nothing would deliver their message more clearly or more rapidly than to apply a vinyl wrap to the new van. They wanted to incorporate branding appeal and turn the new service vehicle into a virtual rolling billboard.

Babco collaborated with the graphics team at BendPak and the creative geniuses as Enterprises to create a vision that showcased their mission statement; being Canada’s automotive equipment leader.One of the major benefits of wrapping with vinyl is the vibrant colors that can be produced which allowed us to print exactly what we envisioned”, said Garth Anderson, Babco Sales co-owner. “Wrapguys passion for quality and customer satisfaction clearly earns them the highest possible standard in the industry. Their quality of work far exceeded our expectations.”

The sides of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 showcases Babco’s anchor products including BendPak’s surface mounted vehicle service lifts and Ranger’s wheel service equipment lineup. On the rear of the van, meant to be an illusion of a typical homeowner’s garage, is a smartly placed image of one car parked on top of another luring passersby into the realm of residential car storage. “When we added the BendPak parking lift on the back featuring two sports cars parked on top of one another, it tied it all together”, said Bruce Buckborough, co-owner of Babco Sales.

Their new flagship of the fleet is sure to be seen by millions. In fact, Transport Canada, Canada’s highway administration reports that a vehicle outfitted with an advertisement generates 12,000 impressions per day in a typical city, which means that an average of 300,000 people will be exposed to their advertising message each month. Coming to a city near you, Babco is proud to “roll forward” in this new phase of their business.

About Babco:
For over 25 years, Babco has been Canada’s automotive equipment leader. Their product line includes car lifts and vehicle hoists from BendPak, wheel service equipment from Ranger, exhaust pipe benders, spray wash cabinets, commercial air compressors, waste oil heaters and boilers, oil filter and can crushers, and collision repair frame racks. Through their Automotive Equipment division, Babco is uniquely positioned to provide Canadian technicians and shops with world class automotive equipment at the lowest prices. Combined with their guarantee to consistently offer the best value comes their commitment to providing superior after sales support. For more information contact Babco Sales Ltd. at 800-661-5313 or visit

Babco Van 1


Babco Van 2

Babco Van 3

Babco Van 4

BendPak joins forces with the boys of the dirty south for Street Outlaws: New Orleans

February 15th, 2016


Be sure to tune in when the new series Street Outlaws: New Orleans brings big racing and big money to the Big Easy.

BendPak will play a critical role in assisting this nitrous-breathing band of renowned car builders, racers and on-air personalities with their specialized automotive needs. Look around their shops and you’ll see BendPak two-post lifts and four-post lifts complimented by some Ranger wheel service equipment including our new Target 3D-Pro Wheel Aligner and other shop essentials.

The new series, which premieres Monday, February 22 at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery will be featuring no one else but Big Chief’s number one nemesis, Kye Kelley and his third generation Camaro “The Shocker”. In addition to keeping his “Cash Days” and “Mega Cash Days” crown, Kelley wants to put The Big Easy on the map for street racing.

Kelley’s friends Scott Taylor and Bobby Ducote play equally important roles making sure the boys from Drag Racing Dirty South Style represent. Bobby “Lil Legend” Ducote will be piloting his insanely clean 1971 Maverick and Scott Taylor will be thundering his newly turbocharged “John Doe” Olds Cutlass down America’s back alleys and asphalt strips.

Rallying this motley crew of New Orleans racers will prove to be a challenge with high stakes, bigger battles, more smack talk and faster cars than the show has ever seen.

STREET OUTLAWS: NEW ORLEANS is produced for Discovery Channel by Pilgrim Studios; Craig Piligian and Sam Korkis are executive producers. For Discovery, Craig Coffman is executive producer, Todd Lefkowitz is coordinating producer, and Robin Humbert is associate producer.











Make Room, California

February 1st, 2016

BendPak's New Shipping Center coming Soon

Construction and city planning delays pushed back our expansion exactly one year, but we’re happy to announce that we’re back on track. Construction is finally underway on our new state-of-the-art shipping center.

The new facilities will increase BendPak’s capacity to process and ship higher order volumes than ever before. This comes just in time to meet the projected demand for BendPak/Ranger equipment over the next years.

Construction begins on BendPak's new shipping center.

The two additional acres are located just to the south of the main BendPak headquarters and will house a 67,000 square-foot warehouse and shipping center. President and CEO Donald Henthorn anticipates that, “This new building expands our operations without having to move and disrupt our day-to-day operations.”

In addition to the new warehouse and shipping center, we recently acquired two additional acres just north of our existing property that will act as an inventory and staging yard for outbound shipments.


The past staging yard has been transformed into a massive truck loading facility for both domestic and international shipments.

Land Expansion Staging

The recent acquisitions brings BendPak’s Santa Paula headquarters to just shy of ten beautiful Californian acres.

BendPak Property Expansion

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