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Photos: Making of the R26FLT Heavy-Duty Truck Tire Changer Demo

September 17th, 2010

We just wrapped filming a new demo video to show off the functions of our newest heavy-duty truck tire changer, the R26FLT from Ranger.

This beefy tire changer turns the tire changing process into a beautifully simple task. Designed specifically for heavy duty truck tires that can weigh upwards of 200 lbs. each, our new tire changer is able to overpower all obstacles and control every aspect of the process with grace and ease.

The R26FLT tire changer is equipped with a portable control tower that includes a separate module for each function on the machine. There are two joysticks, one that controls the bead breaking tool on a horizontal axis plus the tire arm height on a vertical axis and another that opens and closes the jaw clamps. On the bottom, there is a foot pedal that rotates the tire arm either left or right, while the top button (the big red one) turns the machine on and off.

As you can imagine, we ended up mounting and demounting these tires about twenty times, so the lube that comes standard with each changer came in handy. The R26FLT also comes with a huge pry bar, but we never had cause to use it.

The whole thing took us about two days to film. Currently the video is being edited in post-production, but we’ll post it as soon as it’s ready. Until then, check out these production photos on the official BendPak Flickr page.

Announcing BendPak / Ranger NextGen™ Tire Changers

September 2nd, 2010

Ranger is proud to announce the release of seven NextGen™ tire changers. Through months of testing, revision, and more testing, Ranger has raised the benchmark of quality yet again.

Hot on the heels of the brand new Ranger R980X-AT Tire Changer from Ranger comes today’s big product announcement. In addition to the RX3040 Touchless Tire Changer, BendPak / Ranger has slated six new NextGen™ Tire Changers for release this year. The newest member of the Ranger NextGen™ family, the R23AT tire changer, is already shipping from BendPak’s Santa Paula facility.

Ranger’s new NextGen™  line of tire changers features both new models and classic model updates. We specifically designed these new NextGen™ Tire Changers to increase user productivity and efficiency.

Although we have retained many iconic design elements, the overall quality of the Tire Changers has improved dramatically. Aside from the major upgrades and quality improvements, a big part of what makes these changers NextGen™ is BendPak’s new “Tire Shop Tested” initiative. All five of the new NextGen™ tire machines have gone through rigorous stress testing in actual tire shops all around southern California. The testing and revision process included actual feedback from technicians and mechanics, which prepared the Tire Changer for strenuous real-world conditions. NextGen™ machines are badged Tire Shop Tested™.

“In-house testing is one thing, but for automotive equipment to excel under the strenuous conditions of a real shop, it needs to first prove itself out there in the real world,” said Dustin Collins, Ranger Quality Control Specialist. “These NextGen™ units are loaded with design enhancements that make the technician’s job easier. A lot of manufacturers focus on cutting costs instead of innovating. It makes me proud that we’re still trying to be pioneers in our industry.”

In today’s economy, we know it’s a little rough to keep your shop running, which is why Ranger is dedicated to improving your shop’s efficiency to give businesses a much-needed edge.

On the philosophy behind the NextGen™ Ranger Tire Changers, BendPak VP of Sales and Marketing Jeff Kritzer said, “We wanted to rethink everything about how people change tires. To do that, we knew we had to do more than just add a few new freatures–we had to completely rebuild these new tire changers from the top down. These NextGen™  tire changers are the result of that effort.”

“We’ve conducted in-field testing and taken customer input in the past, but never on this level,” said Kritzer. “For these new tire changers, we’ve tested, revised and retested over several rounds of development. With each new revision, we did another round of real-world testing and incorporated feedback from tire shops from all around the southland.

“In reality, the fine line between work and efficiency has become so blurred that there’s often a disassociation between the two. Shops are working harder but making less money. Our goal has always been to help wheel service professionals work better today and work better tomorrow. Our customers need to stay competitive in the growing wheel service market. The enhanced service capacity and long-term value of our NextGen™ tire changers give them the edge.

“With these new NextGen™ tire changers, everything from fit-and-finish to welding and component movement is so perfect that it just feels right. We’ve preserved some of the iconic design elements from previous Ranger products, but the overall quality has vastly improved. I think our customers will be taken off guard by how well our NextGen™ tire changers perform in their shops.”

Keep checking the BendPak Blog for more NextGen™ tire changer updates from Ranger.

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