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The Best Car Lift Buyer’s Guide: Car Lift Conclusions

July 29th, 2010

We’ve come to the end of our car lift guide journey. This last chapter is a rundown of all the car lift buying tips and tricks we’ve already discussed, but it’s the quick version so you can print it out, fold it up and put it in your car lift-buying notebook. You do have one of those by now, don’t you?

Road sign reads Road Ends 100 Feet

Okay then, final tip. Get a notebook where you can keep your questions and answers in one semi-organized place.

Go ahead and read the Car Lift Conclusions chapter now. If you only read one chapter of the BendPak Best Car Lift Guide, make sure it’s this one!

That’s it. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or suggestions, we’re here to listen.

Just leave us a comment below, send us an e-mail , call us up at 1-800-253-2363, direct message us on Twitter, get with us on Facebook, yell, “BendPak” if we’re in the same room…try sending psychic signals if you’re out in the desert…

Garage Mahal Motorcycle Garage Behind The Scenes

July 26th, 2010

Last week we were invited out to take some pictures of an upcoming Garage Mahal episode that featured some great Ranger garage equipment.

Bill Goldberg filmed while riding motorcycle

The last time we had a chance to do something with Garage Mahal, we had to travel all the way to Detroit. So, when we heard that the DIY Network show was going to be filming in Moorpark, CA (practically our backyard), we grabbed a camera and hustled over.

You won’t find any car lifts in this set of pictures–this time around it was Ranger’s turn to steal the show with the RML-600 Motorcycle Lift and the RTB-13DC Toolbox Combo .

The couple who owned the soon-to-be-overhauled garage were proud motorcycle enthusiasts as well as avid golfers. The creative guys at Garage Mahal figured out how to combine the two, but we can’t ruin the surprise yet. We can, however, give you a set of behind-the-scenes photos to look at while you wait for this episode of Garage Mahal.

Make sure to check  the website for local dates and times!

The Best Car Lift Buyer’s Guide: Final Tips

July 22nd, 2010

Another Thursday. Another new chapter in the BendPak Best Car Lift Guide!

Finger with red twine tied in a bow

We’re getting down to the wire here with this week’s chapter, entitled Final Car Lift Tips. Not every gem of advice fit into one of the previous chapters, so consider this your miscellaneous list of useful insider info.

Don’t worry, it’s a pretty short list. But the little reminders within will save you a lot of hassles down the road, and maybe even score you a better price for your dream lift.

Next week we’ll finish everything off with a conclusion and some parting thoughts that you can take with you straight to your preferred lift dealer.

The Best Car Lift Buyer’s Guide: The Right Price

July 15th, 2010

It’s Thursday and a new chapter in our ongoing Car Lift Buyer’s Guide is already up and running. This week’s topic is near and dear to all our wallets: car lift pricing.

Row of dollar signs

Car lift prices can really run the gamut depending on what capacity and style you’re after, so it’s important to know the lay of the land before venturing out.

Obviously we couldn’t tell you exactly what the price of each lift is because we simply don’t know. However, this chapter is designed to give you excellent ballpark figures for the various styles and weight capacities. Use this chapter of the guide to easily figure out who is genuinely competing for your business and who is just way off the mark.

Keep in mind, however, that you should also be suspicious of prices that are simply too low. This guide will also prepare you to spot those deals that are too good to be true.

Finally, this week’s car lift guide chapter wraps up with some general guidelines about automotive lift warranties.

Hang in there, we’ve only got two more chapters to go until the car lift consumer’s guide is complete. Until then, make sure to check out this week’s chapter about the price of car lifts.

The Best Car Lift Buyer’s Guide: Finding The Right Car Lift Dealer And Manufacturer

July 8th, 2010

Is it Thursday already? It must be time for another chapter in our ongoing Best Car Lift Buyer’s Guide.

Black telephone

In this week’s chapter, we’re giving you a straightforward list of traits that good car lift manufacturers and dealers all possess. A great car lift buying experience is much more than just getting the best price. Your car lift dealer or manufacturer should be an essential resource for car lift knowledge, your go-to guy for basic support issues and, most importantly, treat you with respect and honesty. And after-sales support should be on the top of your must-haves list when considering who to purchase from. Without proper service and maintenance, your brand new car lift will age must quicker than it should.

So who can you trust? How can you tell? We’re here to help. Check out our car lift dealers and manufacturers chapter now.

The Best Car Lift Buyer’s Guide: Safe is ALI Certified

July 1st, 2010

Another Thursday is upon us, BendPak Fans. As promised, we have a fresh new chapter in our ongoing Best Car Lift Buyer’s Guide.

ALI gold label on a car lift post

ALI Gold label

Today’s chapter fills you in on the importance of ALI certification and the role that the Automotive Lift Institute plays in making car lifts safer for everyone. As we discussed last week, there’s no single safety feature that will work for all car lifts. The Automotive Lift Institute ensures that not only are the safety features sound, but also that the car lift itself works exactly as advertised. In fact, many of the car lift safety features that we went over last week were pioneered by ALI members.

When you’re working with something as critical as a car lift, it’s important to have someone on your side. ALI is the consumer watchdog group that represents the customer’s best interests in order to protect them and their employees from potentially dangerous situations.

The ALI seal of approval is the absolute quickest and easiest way to immediately determine if a car lift is safe to work with and worth your money. ALI membership is completely voluntary, so it’s also a good indicator of which car lift manufacturers are looking to make the best product and which car lift manufacturers are just trying to make a buck.

Find out more about the safety services the ALI provides to car lift consumers and manufacturers alike, and then head over to the ALI website to see if the car lift you’re considering made the cut.

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