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Review: BendPak Car Lift & Direct Lift Head-To-Head Comparison Test

May 27th, 2010


As we reported a couple months ago, we’re not afraid of a little friendly competition. So from time to time we pit our most popular car lifts against the other guys for a battle royale of automotive lifting metal. This one’s been in the works for a while and we’re very pleased to bring you a new, comprehensive chapter on the Study in Lift Design website.

In this head-to-head challenge, we take a closer look at a lift we’ve heard quite a bit about, the Direct-Lift Pro-Park 8 Plus. We wanted to see how our lifting solution would stand up, but unfortunately BendPak doesn’t manufacture an 8,000-lb. four-post lifting solution at this time. So we improvised a 9,000-lb. HD-9XW car lift. To keep things fair, capacity is NOT included anywhere in our overall determination. We’re only looking things like build-quality and engineering–traits that would be consistent throughout an entire series of lift products at every weight capacity.

When deciding which lift to purchase, price is probably one of the bigger concerns on your mind. But if you take a good look at the new study, you might just discover that it’s a better idea to pay a little extra for a better lift, even if it gives you a bit more lifting power than you need.

Introducing the RL-8500XLT Brake Lathe by Ranger

May 25th, 2010

If you’ve browsed the wheel service section of the site within the last 24 hours, you may have already stumbled upon today’s big news. BendPak is very proud to present our newest Ranger product–the brand new, redesigned RL-8500XLT Heavy-Duty Combination Brake Lathe.

What can this baby do? On the surface it looks and acts very similar to the RL-8500 Combination Brake Lathe: the same great, time-tested design; super-duty construction; unsurpassed safety features and conveniences to help you get the job done faster than your competition; infinitely variable speeds and the accuracy to form perfect cuts on the first pass.

But the real big news on this brake lathing machine is the extended capacity spindle. The RL-8500XLT brake lathe is capable of handling brake drums that are up to a massive 10 inches deep! Now there isn’t a brake drum in the world that can’t be trued and refinished to perfection by the incredible Ranger RL-8500XLT Heavy-Duty Brake Lathe from Ranger.

Make sure to check out the in-depth look at this finely-tuned precision instrument on the RL-8500XLT Heavy-Duty Combination Brake Lathe page. And as always, stay tuned to the BendPak blog for all your product updates.

Win a Free Trip to California From Surf City Garage at Power Tour 2010

May 21st, 2010

If you’re heading out to attend the 2010 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour, make sure to sign up to win a free trip to California from Surf City Garage. They’re choosing one lucky winner to come out to sunny Huntington Beach and take a VIP tour of the Surf City Garage, featuring an amazing collection of over 125 vintage muscle cars (and a whole lot of BendPak four-post car lifts to hold them up).

Also included in the package is a trip to Disneyland and dinner for two on the beach. Stop by the Surf City Garage Transport Trailer to register to win. You’ll probably be there already to check out the demos, so why not get your shot to win the trip while you’re at it?

The 2010 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour kicks off Sunday Morning, June 5th at Iowa Motor Speedway and goes all the way to Mobile, Alabama. Download the official schedule to keep on top of the events. Early registration ends Wednesday, May 26, so sign up for the 2010 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour right now!

For more info on the Surf City Garage Giveaway, please direct your attention to the video below.

And if you don’t want to wait to see the Surf City Garage in person, Two Guys Garage is here to help you out. They aired an episode featuring the Surf City Garage at the end of last year.

Another Option: New Polypropylene Drip Trays for 4-Post Car Lifts

May 14th, 2010

At BendPak, we develop our products with every kind of automotive enthusiast in mind. That’s one of the reasons we offer a complete line of car lifts, garage equipment and accessories at nearly every level and capacity. Continuing with that line of thought, BendPak is happy to announce the upcoming release of our car lift accessory: hard polypropylene drip trays for our four-post car lifts.

Drip trays are an essential car lift accessory, especially if you have a leak or find yourself in the middle of a project, but still really need to park an automobile beneath your lift. To solve the common problem of potentially harmful drips, BendPak has previously offered only galvanized steel drip trays and steel decks, specifically for the HD-9 series car lifts.

Don’t get us wrong—BendPak high-quality, galvanized drip trays are great. Not only are they strong and protect your property, they also look sharp while doing it. But what about when you’re dealing with really filthy fluids in the long term? Or what if you’re moving the tray and / or car lift around a lot because you’re busy with several projects at once? It’s no fun to keep cleaning and moving the same heavy-duty drip tray over and over, but before now there weren’t many other options.

So we developed a new line of affordable, impact-resistant polypropylene drip trays that are both rugged and light. Sold in packs of three, each tray comes with 56 articulated catches and gutters to restrain the fluid from sloshing out. So all that oil, coolant and other muck stays neatly contained within individual compartments, even when carried or bumped. We also chose a smart, black color for these new trays in order to better hide the appearance of stains and blemishes.

The new polypropylene drip trays from BendPak are a perfect, cost-effective solution to a messy problem. Check out the pictures below for an up-close look and stay tuned to the BendPak Blog for the official release and specs.

R980X-AT Tire Changer by Ranger: First Look

May 13th, 2010

When we first conceived of the Ranger RX3040 Tire Changer, it wasn’t long before we realized that we would have to change the way most people are used to changing tires. Nothing could be sacred; engineering idioms that the industry had long taken for granted had to be inspected with a microscope again. Throughout the designing process we never stopped asking ourselves, “Is this really the best way?” The results surprised and satisfied us. We truly believe that the Ranger RX3040 tire changer is as good as it gets, but our job is not done yet.

Now we get to take all that we learned in developing the RX3040 Tire Changer and apply that technology to our entire line of Ranger tire machines. The first unit to benefit from the new technological advancements is the upcoming R980X-AT Tire Changer.

We’re still in the final testing stages of development, so we can’t reveal the full details until the official product announcement. However, we can tell you about the turbo-blast bead sealing & seating system that’s new to the R980X-AT Tire Machine from Ranger.

To successfully seal and seat a tire bead, two factors matter more than any other: air volume and speed. In earlier models, we placed the bead seating outlets right on the turntable near the tire clamps. The theory was that it’s much more convenient to just step on the inflation pedal and have everything just pop into place. In practice, however, we discovered the placement of these air nozzles could sometimes miss the mark. Additionally, due to size restraints, proper sealing and seating would occasionally require multiple attempts.

We specifically designed the turbo-blast air system to address this problem and we’re proud to say it will absolutely blow you away, regardless of whether it’s on the RX3040 or the R980X-AT tire changers.

Head over to the official BendPak Flickr page for a few sneak peek photos of the upcoming R980X-AT Tire Changer for a better idea of what we’re talking about. And as always, stay tuned to the BendPak blog for more product updates as they become available.

¿Te Gusta BendPak? You Should See West Coast Customs Mexico

May 10th, 2010

The West Coast Customs franchise spans the entire globe with shops in the US, Dubai, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, Russia…and Mexico! World-class operations like these need world-class equipment, so you can check into any of these shops and find BendPak car lifts and Ranger wheel service equipment. In the U.S., the West Coast Customs garage can be seen on Street Customs, but the only place to see the West Coast Customs Mexico shop and projects is to watch Tunèame la Nave on Azteca 7.

So if you can’t get enough West Coast Customs and you’re looking for something a little different, make sure to check out Tunèame la Nave. You can also see episode pics on the TVAzteca website or by clicking on the gallery below.

Congrats Stan, Winner of the Facebook Floor Jack Giveaway!

May 6th, 2010

Stan Darpino, the grand-prize winner of the Ranger floor jack giveaway on Facebook, posted a picture and some really nice words for us on HubGarage that we wanted to share with everyone today on the blog.

We would like to extend a hugh thank you to Bend Pak for our new Ranger floor jack. This jack was the grand prize in Bend Paks latest Facebook contest that we found out about in a blog on the Hub! The jack is beautiful and I must say that the picture does it no justice. We were very impressed when we opened the box. Speaking of pictures, I am about 20 pounds lighter and 10 years younger than the picture. The jack is so nice that I may have a hard time using it. Winning this contest could not have happened at a better time. Waiting for parts to finish projects and fighting with the economy is paying a toll. Being the grand prize winner and receiving this jack yesterday makes everything worth the sacrfice!

Thank you again
. . . Stan

You’re more than welcome,  Stan. And don’t be afraid to use the RFJ-3000AL Aluminum Racing Floor Jack, it’s designed to take normal shop abuse. Big thanks to Stan and everyone who participated. We’re coming up with our next contest right now, so make sure you already “Like” BendPak on Facebook.

New BORLA ATAK Mufflers: Music to Our Ears

May 4th, 2010

Last Friday, automotive exhaust system experts BORLA invited some members from the BendPak team to their impressive Oxnard facility for a live demonstration of their all new ATAK (acoustically tuned applied kinetics) muffler technology. After a short trip down the 126 freeway and a tour of the BORLA warehouse (which contained at least three of our own BendPak four-post car lifts), our ears were treated to the beautifully deep roaring of ATAK mufflers on a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro.

Obviously the guys at BORLA couldn’t divulge all of their muffler secrets, but they did drop a couple informational nuggets about what contributes to their exhaust system superiority. ATAK mufflers are built with BORLA’s patented multi-core technology, which already yields better flow performance than a straight piece of pipe. In a BORLA ATAK muffler, the specific configuration, perforation patterns, dimensions and amount of those inner cores are varied by BORLA’s engineers to create an optimal acoustic experience.

Additionally, each BORLA exhaust system is custom built for a specific automobile year and model. So while you can use a single BendPak car lift to repair, enhance and store a variety of cars and trucks, each BORLA exhaust system is unique to its corresponding vehicle. This gives BORLA engineers an incredible level of control—every BORLA ATAK muffler is optimized for the acoustical properties of a specific car. Things like cabin shape, undercarriage shape, the distance from the exhaust manifold to the bumper, engine bay configuration and engine generated frequencies for all RPM ranges are considered when crafting BORLA ATAK mufflers. Also due to the high level of customization that goes into each system, BORLA exhausts bolt right on to a vehicle the same way the factory system does. Many auto enthusiasts can install their new exhaust system themselves at home just by using jack stands or a car lift. Best of all, BORLA exhaust systems are certified street legal in 50 states and will not violate factory or dealership warranties.

BORLA began around the same time as BendPak and they have decades of exhaust and muffler experience under their collective belts. Their exhaust system products have the well-deserved reputation of superiority from providing increased fuel economy, horsepower gains and an unmistakably impactful sound that seems to shake the ground. The new ATAK muffler that we witnessed last Friday builds upon that proud tradition as their best sounding product yet.

Words cannot do justice to the awesome growl ATAK technology can give your vehicle. Neither can a recording, but it will whet your appetite to get an earful of the real thing. Check out the excellent BORLA ATAK exhaust system video below…then go hear one in person.

New HDS-14 Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes

May 3rd, 2010

Here’s a question BendPak car lift engineers ask every day: “How can we make the best car lifts even better for our customers?” When they asked themselves that question about the beefy HD-14 four-post car lifts, the answer they came up with might surprise you.

Cable Sheaves

BendPak HD-14 car lifts already feature dual-hub cable sheaves to reduce stress and fatigue on the axles and the cables and consistently deliver reliable lifting performance.  Now, to improve further on the longevity of critical components, we’re making the new generation of 14,000-lb. capacity car lifts with some of the largest sheaves ever seen beneath a runway. With the launch of the new HDS-14 car lifts from BendPak on the horizon, we had an excellent excuse to update our catalog with brand new product pictures, featuring none other than a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. The BendPak Team was there with cameras in hand to grab these exclusive behind-the-scenes shot of the new HDS-14, now viewable on the official BendPak Flickr page. Go check them out now!

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