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Eddie Paul on Cut It In Half

April 30th, 2010

Many consider Eddie Paul to be Hollywood’s best kept secret. A unique combination of mechanical genius, wild imagination and unbelievable skill, Eddie Paul has been constructing some of the world’s most exciting set pieces for four decades. Eddie Paul is also president and founder of EP Industries, a “concept design organization” located in El Segundo, California. In this facility, Eddie and his team of talented specialists are dedicated to researching, manufacturing and developing basically ANYTHING you could ever dream up. Although the film industry probably owes the most to his brilliance in automotive customization for such movies as The Fast and the Furious, Grease and ET; Eddie’s diverse list of clients include Boeing, Rockwell, the US Department of Defense, the US Department of Energy and many more.

Eddie Paul working near his BendPak four-post lift

Eddie Paul working near his BendPak four-post lift

And as you can see from the header picture, Eddie also happens to be the proud owner of BendPak car lifts.

Recently, Eddie has appeared as a guest on the new History Channel show Cut It in Half. In case you missed it, this last week he advised the dissection of a fire truck! We’re sure to see much more of him in the future, so stay tuned to the BendPak blog for more Eddie Paul updates. For right now, enjoy the picture gallery below.

Eddie Paul on the set of History Channel's Cut It in Half

Eddie Paul on the set of History Channel’s Cut It in Half

Eddie Paul wrenching on a life-sized character from Pixar's Cars

Eddie Paul wrenching on a life-sized character from Pixar’s Cars

Adam Carolla CarCast Video Tutorial: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Change a Tire

April 28th, 2010

As you might remember, three weeks ago we brought you an exclusive all-access look behind the scenes of the Adam Carolla CarCast tutorial segment “Tire Job.” Well today we’ve got the video.

Adam Carolla CarCast members standing by Ranger tire changer and wheel balancer

“Anyone know how to work this thing?”

Host Sandy Ganz gives you a demonstration of how easy it is to change a tire when you have the best tools for the job. In this case, the best tools include the Ranger R26EX tire changer, a BendPak low-rise car lift and a Ranger wheel balancer for extra credit. The tires in question come from an old ’65 Mustang convertible his buddy Donny is intermittently restoring, but he leaves Sandy to do the tire job himself.

That’s fine, because Sandy goes through step-by-step how to change a tire in what turns out to be a pretty entertaining tire-changing tutorial video. First he demounts and deflates the tire before breaking the bead with the aid of the bead-breaking blade on the side of the tire changer. Then at around 2:49, Sandy takes a short intermission from the tire changing how-to segment and shows us the WRONG way to re-seat a tire bead with the WRONG tools…starter fluid and a box of matches. Following some exciting pyrotechnics (3:40), Sandy vows to never mount a tire with Quick Start again and gets back to work.

After breaking the bead all over again, Sandy clamps the outside of the 14” rim on the tire changer turntable and lubricates the rubber around the wheel. Then he sets the mount / de-mount head tool between the rim and the tire, wedges the included pry bar into the open space and rotates the turntable. The tire comes off “easy as pie.” He does the same to the bottom of the tire and then replaces the valve stem with a shiny new one for Donny.

Next in the tire changing how-to video from the Adam Carolla CarCast, Sandy needs to put the replacement tire onto the wheel. He re-clamps the rim securely into the tire changer’s turntable, inspects the sealing bead for obstructions and lubricates the brand new tire. Sandy does a decent job of shoving the tire on the wheel by hand before bringing in the mount / de-mount head tool and the turntable’s rotation to push the tire into the sealing bead, all without the aid of a pry bar. Once he reseats the bead with the included air hose, Sandy is all set to balance the Mustang’s new tire on the Ranger DST-Series wheel balancer.

Sandy begins wheel balancing procedures by locking in the tire with the included wheel balancer adapters and inputting the parameters into the control panel. Then, he lowers the safety shield and lets the machine spin the wheel to detect the current balance. Following the information on the readout, Sandy selects the appropriate weights and sticks them where the wheel balancer suggests. Again, he lowers the shield and tests the weight. Sandy determines that the slight remaining imbalance is fine for Donny’s old Mustang and finishes up by remounting the wheel with a torque wrench.

Now all he has to do is the exact same thing three more times. Click the video below to watch the Adam Carolla CarCast “Tire Job” segment for yourself.

Next Time, Just Use A Ranger Floor Jack

April 19th, 2010

While we can’t help but admire the sheer ingenuity displayed by this European motorist, we also regard the above photo with a high degree of angst.

Mini van tilted to its left, trapped on curbside bollard

Life could be so much easier, if only they had a Ranger Floor Jack.

Avoid this poor person’s fate. If you need a new floor jack, become a BendPak fan on Facebook and leave us a comment for a chance to win a brand new RFJ-3000AL. It takes only a few seconds and you’ll be connected with your fellow automotive enthusiasts from around the web. Plus, it’s way safer and more convenient than the alternative…

Street Chopper Magazine Editor Loves His BendPak

April 13th, 2010

Over the weekend, Street Chopper Magazine editor Jeff G. Holt sent us over a couple of pictures featuring his BendPak HD-9 Four-Post Car Lift and BendPak LS580V Air Compressor, along with a few kind words to let us know how much he loves them. Or, more specifically, how much he loves the “luxury of having a full-service poolside shop located right in the backyard.”

Two cars parked on BendPak four-post lift

Perfect car lift for vehicles from all eras!

Some of the recent automotive projects where his BendPak equipment has proven useful include airbagging his 1968 Ford F-100 pickup, replacing the transmission on his ’59 T-Bird and restoring his ’54 Ford Truck. No matter what he’s working on, Jeff tells us that he chooses BendPak to do the job right.

“I love the ease of being able to work on my cars with the HD-9. And whether I am using air tools, painting or plasma cutting, the LS580V compressor handles the business with ease,” says Jeff.

The spring issue of Street Chopper is out now, so go out and pick yourself up a copy. And make sure to look for more updates from Jeff’s two and four wheeled projects in the near future. Until then, don’t miss these pictures of Jeff’s setup. It’s one of the few outdoor installations that we’ve seen in a while.

Lower parked vehicle under BendPak car lift BendPak label facing out on raised car lift

Adam Carolla CarCast Shows You How To Change A Tire

April 7th, 2010


We are very proud to bring you an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at this week’s Adam Carolla CarCast. Not too long ago, we took a quick ride down the 101 to the fair city of Glendale, CA, where we were granted access into the hallowed halls of Adam Carolla’s garage. We stumbled around in a daze, struck by the overwhelming amount of automobile awesomeness—unable to walk six feet without nearly tripping over a couple of Mustangs, a Ford GT40 or a Cobra. The walls and ceilings were lavishly adorned with memorabilia, equal parts comedy and automotive. As we made our winding way through the shop, we repeatedly came across what surely amounted to a bona fide truck-load of BendPak / Ranger automotive service equipment. This truly was a car lover’s paradise.

Ranger tire changer and red car on set

What followed was one of the best working Saturdays in recent memory. Our gracious hosts—Sandy Ganz and his crew—were kind, entertaining, helpful and even fed us delicious sandwiches from a local establishment. It was all we could do to sit back and grin while we watched Sandy and co. do their thing. The segment centered on a step-by-step tutorial of how to properly change and balance a tire with the aid of a BendPak low-rise car lift, Ranger tire changer and Ranger wheel balancer…as well as the completely wrong and dangerous method involving starter fluid and a box of matches.

The tire-changing tutorial segment starts in at about 21:39, preceded by an interesting chat with hot rod builder Bodie Stroud. At the time of this post there’s no video (yet), but we took our own camera and have loads of exclusive snapshots to show you on the official BendPak / Ranger Flickr page. We recommend you go there now!

Thank you Sandy and the entire CarCast crew. We had a (fiery) blast.

BendPak / Ranger at Automotive Manufacturing & Repair Show

April 2nd, 2010

The 53rd Auto Maintenance & Repair International Trade Fair was held at the National Convention Center in Beijing two weeks ago. Widely considered to be the gateway to Asia’s burgeoning automotive equipment market, it is only appropriate that the AMR show be centrally located within the borders of the world’s second largest automobile consuming country.

BendPak Ranger Booth at 53rd AMR Show

BendPak / Ranger Booth at 53rd AMR Show

There is tremendous opportunity for automotive market expansion in Eastern Asian countries. In late 2009, China alone consumed 35,000 new automobiles, becoming the number one auto-consuming nation in the world for December and surpassing the US in auto sales for the first time in history. Not surprisingly, a large portion of the new cars purchased were manufactured by American companies like GM and Ford. In fact, according to a recent BBC article, General Motors has been “number one in China for many years.” That’s why on the bustling AMR trade-show floor, the automotive repair industry’s biggest players from 50 countries turned out for what was an unprecedented chance to meet with distributors, end-users, professionals and key decisions-makers face-to-face.

BendPak / Ranger was there to showcase our innovative car lifts and to introduce the future of automotive equipment products to an eager new marketplace.

Click on the pictures below to see the BendPak / Ranger AMR show display, featuring BendPak Car Lifts, the Ranger RX3040 Tire Changer and the Ranger DST-1200 Wheel Balancer.

BendPak Car Lifts

Ranger Wheel Aligner

Ranger Tire Changer

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