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BendPak, listen to me. My name is Jack Bauer. I need a lift.

March 26th, 2010

The slate from a little show called 24...

Okay, okay. So maybe Jack Bauer / Kiefer Sutherland didn’t call us in a breathless panic about a LR-60P Low-Rise Car Lift, but the show’s construction supervisor did make contact to ask if they could use one for a scene on Fox’s hit show “24.” As long-time fans of the show (8 seasons!) we couldn’t turn down a chance to help C.T.U. thwart evil one more time.

We aren’t exactly sure when the episode will air, but we were informed that you’ll probably be able to see the the LR-60P Low-Rise Car Lift in episode / hour 23 or 24. Until then, check out our behind-the-scenes pictures on the BendPak Flickr page. Don’t worry, they don’t contain any spoilers.

Stay tuned to Fox for the last remaining episodes of “24.” You can also purchase the previous 7 seasons on if you need to catch up.

Ranger Knows It’s Not So Much What You Do, But How You Do It

March 22nd, 2010

We take wheel aligner repairs seriously, which is why we send replacements in this box

It’s very rare that we get a call for service on a Ranger wireless wheel aligner, let alone a request for full-on recalibration. But when those calls do come, we want to make sure that the parts ship back and forth without a scratch. That’s why last week we began a new sensor head recalibration initiative.

Here’s how it works: if you experience difficulties with your CRT380R Ranger wireless wheel aligner and it requires anywhere from minor to major sensor head adjustments, we send you one of these snazzy padded shipping boxes. You put your malfunctioning sensor heads into the box and ship it to BendPak / Ranger. As soon as we receive the shipment, we’ll recalibrate the wheel aligner sensor heads for you and then we overnight them back in pristine condition.  Our custom-fit, heavy-duty shipping boxes are designed to take tons of transit abuse without harming their precious cargo. And in extreme cases, we’ll even ship you loaner sensor heads to eliminate costly downtime while you wait. It’s that important to us.

At BendPak, the quality of our automotive service products is only surpassed by our excellent customer service. We’re confident that you won’t find any other car lift and garage equipment manufacturer this committed to your positive customer experience. With BendPak / Ranger, even when things don’t go entirely as planned, we’re here to support you with everything we’ve got.

Here’s some more pictures to give you an idea of what to expect when you open one of these up.

Ranger Wireless Wheel Aligner Replacement Shipping Case - Top Closed Ranger Wheel Aligner Replacement Part Case - Open Top

Box4 Detail

Pictures: BendPak Car Lift Install On “Garage Mahal”

March 16th, 2010

Two super-strong giants in one picture. Which one's the BendPak two-post lift?

A little over a week ago, we reported on BendPak’s upcoming part in Garage Mahal’s total makeover of one of Car and Driver Magazine’s test garages. So last week one of our intrepid team headed to the frosty northern city of Ann Arbor to oversee the installation of our automotive equipment for the show. (And to take pictures for the blog, of course.) During the visit, he met up with host Bill Goldberg, who turns out to not only be a huge car buff, but also a really personable guy who isn’t afraid at all to get his hands dirty. He was even kind enough to send back a couple of autographed postcards for the rest of the BendPak Team. Thanks for that!

For the curious, here’s a list of the BendPak / Ranger automotive garage equipment that can now be found inside the Car and Driver Magazine test garage:
BendPak XPR-9FX Two-Post Car Lift
BendPak LS7580V-601 Air Compressor
Ranger RH-50SL Spring-Driven Hose Reels
Ranger RS-500 Spray Wash Cabinet

We also want to make sure to give our sincere gratitude to the pair of local BendPak installers who spent their Thursday working hard and setting up the BendPak two-post car lift. As you’ll be able to see from the pictures, they did a really great job with the car lift installation.

Working on this project with Car and Driver, Garage Mahal and Mr. Goldberg has been a fantastic experience for all of us here on the BendPak Team. We were greatly honored to be chosen to have our garage equipment showcased on Garage Mahal and to be a part of Car and Driver Magazine’s continuing legacy of excellent automotive journalism. What’s more, we had fun doing it. Just letting you know right now, we’d be more than happy to participate on something similar with any of these fine folks in the future.

Anyways, you can see all of the installation pictures on the official BendPak / Ranger Flickr page. And as soon as we get word on the air date of the Car and Driver episode of Garage Mahal, you can be sure we’ll post it. Until then, you’ll just have to keep checking the BendPak Blog.

BendPak Automotive Equipment Featured On Upcoming Episode Of “Garage Mahal”

March 5th, 2010

BendPak / Ranger garage equipment will be featured on an upcoming episode of DIY Network's Garage Mahal!

DIY Network’s hit show Garage Mahal is entering into its second season with new host WWE superstar and automotive aficionado Bill Goldberg, even more insane garage makeovers and…BendPak / Ranger equipment! That’s right, next week the Garage Mahal crew is heading over to Ann Arbor to remodel the tech garage at the corporate offices of none other than Car and Driver Magazine.

In the past, Garage Mahal has transformed embarrassingly broken garages into mind-blowing living spaces like a Vegas-style casino and a drive-in movie theater. However, for Car and Driver’s tech garage, the producers realized early on that it should probably function more like, well, an actual garage. So production company BCII called in only the best BendPak / Ranger products to fill their automotive service equipment needs—specifically a BendPak XPR-9FX Two-Post Car Lift, a BendPak LS7580V-601 Air Compressor, a couple Ranger RH-50SL Spring-Driven Hose Reels and a Ranger RS-500 Spray Wash Cabinet. Naturally, we were only too happy to lend a hand and the equipment is already well on its way to Ann Arbor, Michigan to make it in time for filming next week.

No word yet on the air date, but you can bet we’ll update you as soon as we know for sure. And just think, from now on whenever Car and Driver tests, tunes, installs, dissects or repairs something for a feature, there will be a good chance that BendPak / Ranger garage service equipment was involved.

Need to catch up on Garage Mahal? You can watch full episodes right on the website.

The Ranger RX3040: The All-New Tire Changer That Changes Everything

March 1st, 2010

The RX3040 Tire Changer is the most advanced tire changer in existence

After eight months of development, testing and planning, we’re proud to announce that starting today the all new Ranger RX3040 Tire Changer is available for sale by your preferred distributor!

The automotive service industry has been buzzing about this revolutionary new tire changing system ever since the product was showcased at AAPEX ‘09. It’s been a little over three months since the big reveal and we know that many automotive pros have been aching to get their hands on this touchless tire changing wonder. Well ladies and gentlemen, the wait is officially over.

Now you can finally work with the most advanced tire changer on the planet, the Ranger RX3040 RimGuard™ Touchless Tire Changer. With this new tire changer, there’s no longer a need for levers, bead locks, clumsy toolbars, tire irons or backbreaking manual labor—the RX3040 literally does all the heavy lifting for you. Just roll the tire onto the side tire trap and step on the lift pedal. From there the tire is seamlessly raised and positioned onto the tire changer work table. All you have to do is rotate the tire slightly to fit the alignment pin and screw down the no-mar “Quick-Nut” to keep the tire locked into place. Until the old tire is removed and rolled away and the new tire is in place, this is absolutely the last time an operator needs to touch the tire or wheel with their hands when using the RX3040 RimGuard™ Touchless Tire Changer.

With the wheel properly positioned on the raised tire changer work table, the powerful bead breaker rollers engage both the top and the bottom of the wheel to loosen even the toughest side wall. The best part? The tire changer operator doesn’t even need to crouch to ensure bead breaker roller alignment. The RX3040 RimGuard™ Touchless Tire Changer features an extremely helpful easy view camera that feeds directly into a large LCD monitor, so you can view everything that’s going on under the tire at a comfortable standing height.

Tire removal has never been easier. With the RX3040 Tire Changer’s Target-Lock precision joystick and button controls, the tool head pulling tip and mounting tip arm is easily positioned exactly 1/8” away from the edge of the wheel. There’s no guess work here, the tooling arm goes exactly where you point it. Once the edge has been discovered, the Target-Lock™ tool head employs position-sensing data to generate exact coordinates to perfectly place the underside tool at the push of a button. Combined with the Ranger RimGuard™ Technology, a single automatically operated reversible tool head mounts and demounts tires without the need for touching. The RX3040 comes standard with a durable Nylon tool head or a hardened steel tool head with Nylon inserts—it’s completely up to you which one you use.

There’s plenty more features to explore on this phenomenal new tire changer from Ranger. Learn about them all on the official tire changer product page. Just don’t wait too long to order yours. This sophisticated tire machine is so simple to operate that even the most unskilled layman can master its functions in only a few full run-throughs. As the hottest tire machine on the market today, the Ranger RX3040 Tire Changer will change more than just tires; it’ll change the way you look at wheel service forever.

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