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Ranger RFJ-3000AL Racing Jack Review

February 19th, 2010

YouTube user and BendPak / Ranger fan RGsedona just got a brand new Ranger RFJ-3000AL Low Profile Aluminum Racing Floor Jack. So he did the only logical thing one does after opening a box of shiny new quality garage equipment—review it on video for all the internet to see. Ever been curious about how low the RFJ-3000AL’s profile really is? Want to see it stacked up against the other floor jack competition? Watch this video!

Ranger RFJ-3000AL Low-Profile Aluminum Racing Floor Jack Video Review

Ranger RFJ-3000AL Low-Profile Aluminum Racing Floor Jack

Also, make sure to check out RGsedona’s other videos and give him a rating if you find them helpful. Thanks for the kind words, RGsedona!

BendPak & Direct Lift Head-To-Head Comparison

February 12th, 2010

Here at BendPak, we believe that one of the primary forces pushing our industry forward is friendly competition. And if you’re already familiar with, you know that we like to cut through the marketing fluff and simply put our best up against theirs. With this strategy, we can make sure that our BendPak car lifts and truck lifts are as robust and feature-rich as possible. At the same time, it’s enlightening to see the stark differences in design, materials and manufacturing that can exist between two seemingly identical products.

BendPak four-post lift and another brand

BendPak vs. Direct-Lift head-to-head comparison

In our next round of testing to see how BendPak stacks up against the competition, we’ll be comparing a Direct-Lift Pro-Park 8 Plus and a BendPak HD9-XW car lift. Both have got their strong points for sure, so this will be a healthy competition. Sign up for the BendPak Blog RSS feed to stay on top of all the breaking BendPak / Ranger news. Stay tuned and be informed!

Until then, check out the preview pics of this four-post car lift comparison test.

BendPak Receives 2010 Progressive Manufacturing Award

February 11th, 2010

Managing Automation Media (the same folks who interviewed our very own Sina Moatamed last October) just announced their list of Top 100 Progressive Manufacturing Companies for 2010…and BendPak is on it!

Text-Business transformation plus advanced technology equals progressive manufacturing

BendPak among 100 most progressive manufacturers of 2010!

It’s an incredible honor to be recognized by the industry as a progressive manufacturing leader. BendPak has long been known as the manufacturer of the world’s best car lifts and automotive service garage equipment, but it’s especially encouraging to also be acknowledged for tight-knit, collective operational excellence in the way that BendPak conducts its internal business processes.

BendPak’s overall commitment to high-quality products, world-class service and unrivaled support is only surpassed by our commitment to our customers. They are the primary source of motivation for everything that we’ve done in providing a consistently outstanding purchasing, product and service experience, especially against the backdrop of the current world-wide economic crisis.

As we proudly take our place alongside such industry giants as Cisco, Pepsi, Northrop Grumman, L’Oréal, IBM, Siemens and Xerox Corp., we want to assure you that we are not ready to rest just yet. Watch us closely for more positive changes in the near future as we continue to plan our goals with one unwavering focus: customer satisfaction and loyalty.

To everyone at Managing Automation Media, thank you very much for this honor.

Even More Ranger Garage Equipment Seen on Adam Carolla’s CarCast

February 9th, 2010

More Ranger garage equipment spotted on the Adam Carolla CarCast this week. Just take a look all the Ranger shop equipment in these pics!

Ranger garage equipment

Ranger garage equipment as seen on the Adam Carolla CarCast

Aside from the wheel balancer and tire changer that we reported on about a month ago, this time around we’ve managed to pick out the following items:

You can also see a BendPak / Ranger banner up in the background! See anything we missed? Leave a comment below!

Also, make sure to check out the Ripper: Engine Removal picture gallery, as well as the footage of all the garage action posted below. In this episode of the Adam Carolla CarCast, Sandy, Adam and the CarCast team take the engine out of Sandy’s ’65 Mustang Fastback–AKA The Ripper–in preparation for an unannounced track day. Funny and informative as always.

Keep up the good work, guys!

Now That’s How It’s Done–Beautiful BendPak Car Lift Installation Pics

February 2nd, 2010

Today we’ve got a real treat for you on the BendPak Blog. Joe Mendola, a long-time BendPak distributor serving the North and South Carolina, has a fantastic photo gallery of his notable two-post and four-post car lift installations. Some special guests  include auto lift installations for racing legends Richard Petty and Casey Mears!

Classic cars in a shop with a BendPak two-post lift

Beautiful installation from a BendPak distributor

Click the images below for full-sized images or visit to see the entire gallery. Remember to right-click view the images on to view beautiful automotive machinery in a larger format.

Two-Post Car Lift Install For Petty Enterprises 1 Two-Post Car Lift Installation For Petty Enterprises 2

Two-Post Car Lift Install For Petty Enterprises 3 BendPak-Residential-Fix-Install

Two-Post Car Lift Installation For The City Of InmanCasey Mears Racing Two-Post Car Lift Installation

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