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West Coast Customs Orders Tons of BendPak / Ranger Equipment for SEMA Booth

October 29th, 2009

When West Coast Customs needs serious garage equipment, they come to BendPak / Ranger

Our friends at West Coast Customs recently called us up with a tall order: they needed a whole flatbed full of our premium garage equipment for their SEMA booth ASAP. Well, sure, anything for a friend. So yesterday, we loaded up the truck with lifts, changers, balancers, lathes and all manner of shop machinery and sent it off to Las Vegas just in time for AAPEX / SEMA ’09–and we’ve got the pictures to prove it. Check out it on the official BendPak Flickr page.

If you happen to be going to SEMA, make sure you drop by the West Coast Customs booth. You can even pre-register for 90 minute welding, vinyl, electronics, paint and car wrapping shops at the West Coast Customs Experience website!

And since you’ll be in the area, don’t forget that you’re invited to come see the BendPak / Ranger booth at AAPEX. Hope to meet you there!

Because Everyone Could Use More Car Shows

October 26th, 2009

Find an upcoming car show near you

If you’re anything like us at BendPak / Ranger, you understand that the real reason to own a two post auto lift, four post auto lift, air compressor, tubing bender and wheel service equipment is to take care of the true loves in our lives: the cars! And we know that there are few better ways for fans of both old and new automobiles to spend a day than walking up and down the aisles of a car show, admiring the time and care it takes to make an automobile shine better than new.

That’s why we got so excited when we found out about, a site dedicated to helping you find upcoming car shows by location in the US and Canada. Just go to the site, click on the map of your state or province, and the site will take you to a list with a brief description of each show in your area.

You’ll want to make sure to head over to often because they’re constantly updating their schedules. Plus it’s a 100% free service, brought to you by car-lovers just like you.

New PL-7000X Parking Lift Demo Video Released!

October 23rd, 2009

The New BendPak PL-7000X Parking Lift

A little while ago, we let you know about big changes coming to BendPak parking lifts. Now we’re pleased to announce that you get to see one in action with an all-new demo that will knock your socks off!

Behold: the PL-7000X Parking Lift from BendPak, the absolute finest parking solution money can buy. This thing comes absolutely loaded with features like:

– 7,000-lb. lifting capacity
– Minimum footprint for multiple installations in limited space
– Independent lifting structures for staggered installation
– Galvanized deck protects bottom vehicle
– Overhead power unit provides smooth quiet hydraulic operation
– Wide-deck platform accommodates pickups, vans and cars
– Durable construction for maximum stability
– Dual hydraulic cylinders and heavy-duty lifting chain
– Dual synchronization chains keeps the deck level under all conditions
– Adjustable automatic safety locks on each column engage as the lift rises
– Maintenance-free composite carriage and bearings and chain rollers
– Easy installation
– Integrated turnkey operation and lock-release lever

Check out the video below, and in case you missed it, here are two behind-the-scenes pics taken during production.

But How Can You Kill That Which Cannot Die?

October 22nd, 2009

Jesse James isn't quite the dead man he'd like you to believe he is...

Is Jesse James a zombie? Vampire? Mutant android? Demon lich? Whole Foods Markets shopper?

In case you missed Jesse James’s hilarious Jay Leno appearance, we’ve got it right here. These BendPak car lift owners need to work together more often–it’s pure genius.

1 Great Crusher, 2 Ways to Save

October 8th, 2009

Think about how much the typical commercial garage spends on EPA-approved oil filter disposal. It probably lands someplace between $50 and $100 per 450-lb. barrel, which comes to about 40 cents per filter. Even if you only end up with one full barrel a month, that’s as much as $1,200 out of your pocket for each year of operation.

Three images of Ranger RP-20FC oil filter crusher

Ranger RP-20FC oil filter crusher

Disposal companies profit off of government mandated disposal programs and add to your business’s operating overhead. Then, they turn around and grab extra revenue by selling the crushed cans for scrap. Especially in these belt-tightening times, this is probably the last place you’d like to see your money go.

You need an oil filter crusher like the Ranger RP-20FC.

In just 20 seconds, this industrial-quality, welded steel plate crusher applies an impressive 10 tons of pure, air-operated pressure to just about any used oil filter, easily reducing it to 25% of its original size and removing 95% of the oil. The exclusive X-shape bevel in the press head pre-aligns filters for an absolute vertical press, so popular 8” tall filters for Cummins and Power Stroke diesel-powered vehicles fold beneath its massive force. With the largest in-class capacity of any crusher on the market, even those unanticipated, oddly large crush jobs aren’t a problem.

Once the filters are crushed, YOU can deliver them to a metal recycling facility where YOU get the money for the scrap value of the metal. The Ranger RP-20FC easily pays for itself in less than a year, is good for the environment and good for your bank account.

Find out more about the RP-20FC by clicking here.

Jesse James Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes

October 7th, 2009


We’ve got a special treat for you guys today:  exclusive pics from the “This Is My BendPak” photo shoot with BendPak’s newest endorser, Jesse James! Get a good look at the West Coast Choppers garage, a cherry custom ’36 Ford Coup on a BendPak XPR 2-Post Lift–and of course, Jesse.

Check it out on the official BendPak Flickr page.

West Coast Choppers logo

West Coast Choppers logo

Built-In Air Bottle for Locks Sneak Preview

October 1st, 2009

Here’s a sneak peak at the new design for the revolutionary, PATENTED, built-in air bottle lock system, an exclusive accessory from BendPak! Jeff Kritzer, our Senior Marketing VP explained on

Maybe you’re like many of the other curious lift shoppers in the market for a four-post garage lift. You like the BendPak, but are concerned about the requirement for air. You don’t have an air compressor and are not really interested in acquiring one or going through the trouble of plumbing airlines etc. So reluctantly you settle for a lesser quality lift with a manual lock system. What if you could have both?

We’ve developed a system where the lift itself actually creates its own air source each time the lift is raised. As you are most likely aware, BendPak lifts (and others) employ a hydraulic cylinder to raise the platform or runways. The hydraulic cylinder will usually have two fitting ports. One port is for the input of hydraulic fluid that activates the movement and power. The second port is a vent port where the atmosphere escapes the backside of the cylinder as the piston moves through the cylinder body. With this system, air is simply captured and stored into an auxiliary air bottle attached to the lift. A cylinder and piston really is an air compressor isn’t it? When activating the pneumatic locks you use little air volume. The locks require no more than 20 PSI to release. The air volume and PSI created as the lift rises just once creates an air source ample enough for multiple full descent lock release operations.

Have a look at our Flickr page for more  BendPak / Ranger photos!

Airline on BendPak car lift

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