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BendPak Magazine Ads for October

September 30th, 2009
Keep an eye out for BendPak / Ranger ads in your favorite automotive publications like Body Shop Business, Fleet Equipment, TechShop, Tire Review, Service Station & Garage Management (Canada), Hot Rod and Hemmings Motor News. Or you can just see them all right here, on the BendPak Blog!

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“Chop Cut Rebuild” Host Loves BendPak

September 29th, 2009

Dan Woods at Chop Cut Rebuild

Dan Woods, producer and host of the show Chop Cut Rebuild on SpeedTV, recently had some nice words to say about us to a potential BendPak customer. Excerpt below:

When it comes to products used on our show, we try to be very selective in how we source suppliers. When viewers see us using tools or equipment, we want them to be sure they are seeing quality products…BendPak has been a sponsor of our series for 3 seasons and they also sponsored our other series “Street Tuner Challenge.” BendPak supplies lifts to all our builders, who have nothing but praise for the products. Every shop we work with has continued to utilize the lifts long after filming is completed. The four posts we use are all mobile, if you get the caster kits. We’ve found this to be a great benefit for filming purposes. We even use them as high angle shooting platforms from time to time. A couple of the shops have opted to permanently mount the lifts once we were out of their hair and filming was complete.

Another of our sponsors, Surf City Garage Car Care Products, has an amazing collection of cars at their facility and they’ve purchased at least a dozen BendPak four post lifts to stack a very impressive car collection above and below the lift platforms. You’ll also find car guys like Jay Leno and Jessie James use BendPak lifts extensively.

If you do find your lifts need servicing from time to time, you’ll be very pleased with BendPak’s customer service department. They can walk you through basic maintenance and if needed, get technicians to you very quickly. A service some companies seem to ignore with regularity.

I think you’ll be very happy if you choose any BendPak product.

Now that’s what we call an endorsement! Make sure to check out Dan Woods and the gang on Chop Cut Rebuild on SpeedTV (especially if you’re also a fan of Mr. Raditch from Degrassi).

Load up the car. We’re going to AAPEX!

September 25th, 2009

What happens in Vegas? AAPEX!

If you aren’t sure what AAPEX is, let us be the first to tell you: it’s only the hugest most amazing automotive aftermarket product trade show of the year. Naturally, BendPak / Ranger is going to be representing at booth #4666. Devilish, don’t you think?

Right now, we’re busy getting everything together with the travel plans, booth preparation and deciding what stunning pieces of automotive equipment technology we’ll be bringing with us.

Here’s the new goodies that’ll be on display for sure:

BendPak LS15RS Rotary-Screw Air Compressor
Ranger CRT-380R Wheel Aligner
Ranger RL-8500 Brake Lathe
Ranger RWS-55TD Tire Dunk Tank
Ranger RP-20FC Oil Filter Crusher with Stand

Of course, we’re also going to have a couple of massive BendPak lifts, benders and a whole bunch of other exciting BendPak / Ranger equipment. So if you’re planning on attending AAPEX between November 3rd and November 5th, make sure to stop by booth #4666 for live demos and product information. We’d love to talk to you.

Customer Support Chat Goes LIVE!

September 24th, 2009

BendPak Live Chat is now, well, LIVE! This function gives you one-click access to BendPak award-winning customer support and sales, so it’s never been easier to browse and shop for BendPak / Ranger products.

The Chat Live Now button is your gateway to some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. During regular business hours, it will display “Representatives Currently Available.” Then you’ll know that friendly typers are standing by to answer all your equipment questions. When you click the button, you will be asked to answer a brief series of questions to better help us assist you, and then you will be connected to one of our curteous team members, right here in Santa Paula, California.

Go ahead and try it out! Just click the button at the top of this post. It can also be found on most pages on the right-hand side.

Update: PCL-16HD Tested for Overseas

September 23rd, 2009

PCL fun in the sun

We took the ultra-portable PCL-16HD-4 out for another round of testing today. This time, we loaded it down with one of our hefty fleet vehicles instead of a sleek Mazda RX-8 and hooked it up to a generator instead of the wall. Why? Because we sell BendPak / Ranger equipment all around the world and we need to make sure that your new piece of equipment will work–no matter what kind of electricity your country happens to use. So we configured the generator to spit out 50 Hz instead of the standard United States 60 Hz  and let her rip.

Check out the official BendPak Flickr set for the full story. These columns are amazing!

Where BendPaks Are Born

September 22nd, 2009

Vast manufacturing facility

Some exciting news! As we build and expand the new website, from time to time you’ll find that we added a completely new page. Today, we’re proud to introduce the Manufacturing Methods page, accessible from the Company menu at the top. Learn about what makes BendPak / Ranger products the best in-class value, right from the very first weld. We also give our readers an insider’s perspective on some of the technological advancements that make our equipment the preferred choice of automotive professionals and DIY’ers around the world.

Head over to the Manufacturing Methods page now to see where your BendPak first started to take shape.

Another BendPak Seen in TV Ad

September 21st, 2009

BendPak 2-post in GE commercial

We’ve been spotted! Another sharp-eyed television connoisseur reported BendPak two-post lifts in the background of General Electric‘s “Hey, Got a Wrench?” commercial. So we rooted around on their website and found not only the ad, but also a “making-of” style documentary in which the “Pak” of the BendPak logo is clearly seen on one of the blue lift posts. I guess that means we can officially add “jet engine” to the long list of BendPak two-post lifting applications.

Check out the videos below for yourself, and keep a look out for more hidden BP equipment in various media. We’re literally all over the place, so let us know what you find at

BendPak / Ranger Sale Ends Sept 30th!

September 18th, 2009
Hurry to cash in on the following Q3 promos before it’s too late. Call us today so we can put you in contact with a distributor in your area. We’re offering amazing deals on the products below!


Four-Post Lifts Rolling Bridge Jacks

Four Posts


Rolling Bridge Jacks



Spray Wash Cabinet Wireless Wheel Alignment Combination Brake Lathe Wheel Service Combo Deals

Spray Wash




Brake Lathes

– RL-8500 Truck Adapter

Wheel Service

RX980E + DST1200
RX980A + DST1200

The Great ALI Certification Debate

September 17th, 2009

Gold ALI Certification Sticker

Two days ago, a user named Piper on the GarageJournal forum started a poll about a topic very near and dear to our hearts here at BendPak–ALI Certification. The poll asked fellow members:

“All things considered, if you were going to buy a lift, would you buy certified, uncertified, or don’t care?”

You probably already have a general idea of where we stand on the subject, but it’s still a topic that is hotly disputed throughout the industry. For instance, you could easily argue that a BendPak lift would be equally safe without the snazzy gold sticker. We’re also sure that there are well-engineered lifts that simply do not partake in the ALI program. But we think that it’s a potentially missed opportunity.

Just because you know and love cars, doesn’t mean you should have to be a lift expert too. That’s why ALI exists. It can be tricky to spot a substandard lift among well-built ones if you don’t know what to look for. So ALI protects the consumer by offering a baseline for all the lift designs they review. At the end of the day, the consumer knows, “At the very least, this lift has X features and Y safety mechanisms.” That’s something that can be very valuable to a lift buyer. At the time of this posting, 60.92% of the Garage Journal members who answered the poll thought so, too.

But there’s another side to this: BendPak opts to participate in ALI certification to both inspire consumer confidence AND to get feedback from inspectors. ALI inspectors have literally seen it all, so we would be foolish not to adopt their specialized perspective. By employing a third party organization like ALI, we ensure that we don’t get stuck in a bubble, “blinded by our own brilliance,” as they say. Why would we pass on an opportunity to make our products even better?

Some people are okay with taking a risk–particularly if they just plan on using a lift for their home instead of commercial garages where liability is greater. Or if they know exactly what a bad weld looks like. Or how to spot a potentially weakness in a design. That’s fine, the choice exists and automotive enthusiasts will decide with their dollars, as they always have. As for us at BendPak, we just want to ensure we’ve done all we can. The rest is up to you guys.

We look at it this way: no one is ever going to walk away thinking, “Man, I really wish I would have gotten a NON-certified lift, instead.”

Anyways, head over to Piper’s GarageJournal poll for a really great summary of all the viewpoints on this topic. It’s worth a full read, all the way to the bottom.

Ranger RL-8500 Brake Lathe Camera Phone Pictorial

September 16th, 2009

The new RL-8500 Combination Brake Lathe

Late yesterday, our quality control specialist was kind enough to give some of us a brief demonstration of the new Ranger RL-8500 Combination Brake Lathe. We rushed on the scene with our trusty, fancy, extremely high-resolution camera phone, to capture all the magnificent detail! 😉

Seriously though, we love our new RL-8500 and it’s easy to see that it’s the most advanced lathing system we’ve ever produced. And that’s saying a lot when it comes from Ranger. We were only too happy to post some interesting (albeit somewhat blurry) images on the  BendPak Flickr page. Go there now and see all of the 3.2 megapixel glory! Or head over the the official Ranger Products page for high-resolution images…if you’re into that sort of thing.

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