TIRE AND RIM SERVICING CAN BE DANGEROUS and must only be performed by trained personnel using proper procedures and tools.
ALWAYS consult with your supervisor for proper safety procedures prior to inflating any tire.
• Inflation cages are designed to restrain multi-piece wheel and rim components during inflation as required by U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Standard No. 29 CFR 1910.177.
• Failure to use a restraining device when inflating a tire rim/wheel assembly is not only a violation of OSHA regulation 1910.177, but also a DANGEROUS PRACTICE that may result in serious injury or death.
FAILURE TO READ AND COMPLY with all product warnings and procedures may result in serious injury or death to you and others.
ALWAYS follow all safety procedures as outlined by OSHA regulation 1910.177 Servicing Single-Piece and Multi-Piece Rim Wheels. Refer to
• Roll the wheel/tire assembly into an inflation cage cage until it is centered and fully contained within the protected cage area.
• • ALWAYS center the wheel/tire in the cage in an upright position.
• Rotate wheel/tire so that the inflation valve is between the cage tubes for better access.
• Clean inflation area and wheel/tire of all loose debris.
ALWAYS use a clip-on inflation chuck with remote inflation and deflation valve, and a sufficient length of air hose to stand well clear of the wheel during inflation.
DO NOT use an inflation cage on wheel/tire assemblies rated more than 120 PSI.
ALWAYS wear adequate protective eyewear (or face shield), protective footwear, and ear protection while servicing tires to avoid injury.
DO NOT reach into cage area, rest or lean any part of your body against the inflation cage during inflation.
NEVER stand in the trajectory zone.
• During inflation, if ANY sidewall undulations or bulges appear or if ANY snapping, cracking or popping noises occur — STOP IMMEDIATELY! DO NOT approach tire. Before removing from restraining device, completely deflate tire remotely. Remove clip-on air chuck. Mark tire as damaged for potential “zipper rupture”. Render tire unserviceable, non-repairable and scrap.
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