Who depends on the safety of your lifts?

Protect your technicians, your customers and your business. Have all your lifts inspected annually by an ALI Certified Lift Inspector.


Annual lift inspections are required by health and safety officials, ANSI standards and local regulations. But even more importantly, taking care of your lifts is the right thing to do for your team and your business. Find your local ALI Certified Lift Inspector here.

Car-Lift-Inspection-HEAVY-DUTY.jpgALI Certified Lift Inspectors are proven qualified to inspect every lift in your vehicle service facility, from light-duty car lifts all the way up to those rated to lift 130,000 lbs. or more.

Proper lift operator training is also coming under increased scrutiny. Ensure that your technicians are up-to-date on their lift safety training quickly and easily with ALI’s new Lifting It Right interactive online training module for just $29 per trainee. Learn more here.



Vehicle Lift Guide Introduction
Invest in Your Future: Invest in Lift Safety

Vehicle repair gets more demanding every day. Those of you on the front lines working with equipment to maintain and repair vehicles can never afford to “take it easy.” Not when you are entrusted with the safety of your customers’ vehicles, your employees and yourself.


Car-Lift-Inspection-ESSENTIAL.jpgThis 16-page supplement provides an overview of the hot topics in vehicle lifting that technicians, fleet maintenance managers and shop owners need to be aware of in order to maintain bay safety and productivity. Needless to say, safety is a major consideration when lifting a vehicle weighing thousands of pounds and then working under it.

ALI-Inspection_Label_2014_Small.jpgAt the conclusion of the inspection, the lift inspector will provide a written inspection certificate for each lift and will apply an ALI Annual Lift Inspection Label to each lift that passes inspection. This label includes the inspector’s unique identification number and the date, making it easy for code enforcement officials to quickly ascertain when a lift was last inspected successfully. The labels also serve as a convenient reminder of when a lift is due for its annual inspection.

Safety Starts with You

In addition to annual lift inspections conducted by qualified lift inspectors, most lift manufacturers recommend that lift operators themselves inspect their lifts on a more frequent basis. Recommendations vary from daily to monthly to quarterly, depending on lift style, frequency of use and environment. Check the owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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